Big Tease: Scoop On Grey’s, NCIS, Parenthood, Big Bang and More!

'Grey's Anatomy's Patrick Dempsey, 'NCIS' Rocky Carroll and 'Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco (ABC/CBS)

'Grey's Anatomy's Patrick Dempsey, 'NCIS' Rocky Carroll and 'Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco (ABC/CBS)

Wanna know what’s coming up on your favorite show? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the place to send your questions. Here now the scoop!

How about, for a change, some scoop on ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘s Derek? Remember him? – Lainie
Remember him, sure. But do we really know him? This Thursday’s episode, in which ‘Private Practice’s Amelia Shepherd drops in on her estranged brother (played by Patrick Dempsey), aims to change that some. Following a welcome that “is not necessarily warm and fuzzy,” Caterina Scorsone (Amelia) says, “We really get to find out what Derek went through, what he witnessed, when our father was killed. That sheds light on how he relates to his family – and how he actually views the relationship between himself and Amelia.”

Is Michael Nouri‘s return to ‘NCIS‘ as Eli David connected to the November sweeps Ziva storyline? – Lyss
“Yes, it is,” series boss Shane Brennan tells the Big Tease. “Be prepared for a double episode that takes one of our characters into a dark and dangerous past.” And which character might that be? Let Rocky Carroll drop this clue: “[Leon Vance and Eli David] have a past, and we’re going to delve into that. We start to unveil and peel back more about the Vance character” – including, perhaps, a bit on the infamous shredded document.

Regarding Eliza Dushku‘s appearance on ‘The Big Bang Theory‘: Doesn’t the whole set-up – gal shows up to interview main characters – sound a lot like a clip-show to you? Especially with Kaley Cuoco in the hospital? – Kajo
We so share a brain! I had the same thought as I wrote up the news of Dushku’s drop-by, also factoring in Kaley’s broken leg. But… I am most happy to report that Cuoco will be back at work in time for Dushku’s turn as an FBI agent, so the episode won’t be stalling sans Penny.

‘Big Bang Theory’ Books ‘Buffy’s Eliza Dushku

I’m so glad ‘Big Bang Theory’ survived its move to Thursdays – though I never had any doubt. Any scoop to celebrate? – Dionne
Guess who’s coming to visit? Koothrapali’s very cute sister. Oh calm down, geek boys – she’s betrothed to someone back in India. And yet that doesn’t keep one of the fellas from hooking up with her. Guesses?

When will my favorite ‘Parenthood‘ character, Amber (Mae Whitman), receive a storyline? All that she’s done so far is lose her shoes, cook for the family party, and do crosswords with her grandma. – Andrew
“Amber has some great stories coming up,” promises exec producer Jason Katims. For example, Amber’s friend Kelsey, whom we just met, “will be challenging her in ways she never expected. ” Meaning, that when Kelsey starts dating bad boys and getting wild at parties, “Amber’s going to get to see what it’s like dealing with a rebellious teenager.” And that, English class, is what we call irony.

Psych‘ breaks make me sad. Any news to tide me over? – Ellie
Here’s a little casting scoop: ‘SNL’ alum Nora Dunn is set to guest star in an upcoming episode as a fairgrounds manager who ends up helping Shawn and Gus solve a years-old murder. Also appearing in the episode is Jerry Shea as the boys’ assistant, Ken. ‘Psych’ returns with new episodes on Wednesday, Nov. 10, at 10/9c.

I tuned into Fox last Friday expecting to see ‘Human Target‘ start the new season, but got a ‘House’ repeat instead. What’s up with that? – Brenda
What’s up is that when ‘Lie To Me’ claimed the canceled ‘Lone Star’s Monday time slot, that opened the door for ‘Human Target’ to move to Wednesdays at 8/7, starting Nov. 17. That in turn should motivate Fox to promo the show when and where it counts most. “A great audience for this show is Fox’s football-viewing Sunday audience,” opines series boss Matt Miller, “but if you promote something on Sunday, it’s hard to [retain awareness] until Friday.” Well, problem solved!

‘Eureka’ Beauty, Jim Gaffigan Feel The ‘Royal Pains’

I do think ‘Royal Pains‘ Paige and Evan are adorable – and I’m really glad she’s coming back in the winter – but I have to say my favorite ship on that show would be Divya and Evan, and this season has been lacking their snarky banter. Tell me the two of them will have lots of good scenes in the winter episodes! – Anne
I brought your query to the producers and was assured that there are “some good Evan/Divya moments ” when Season 2 resumes in January. Specifically, look forward to the fourth episode, when we learn about one of Evan’s biggest fears.

Care to give us any scoop on the second episode of ‘The Good Wife‘? – shinygilmore via Twitter
Alicia gets stung, badly, by a cell phone again…. Both Amber and Becca resurface, with varying degrees of impact on Peter’s political campaign… and Diane recruits Kalinda to dig up dirt on a suspicious relationship.

Tell me something new on ‘Lie To Me‘s Cal/Gillian! – B_Amandine via Twitter
Addressing the pleas of scores of Cal/Gillian ‘shippers, Tim Roth assured me, “There’s some good stuff coming up between me and Kelli [Williams] – stuff of every kind. Not just the nice stuff, because we can get very confrontational as well. We’re mixing it up, and I think the audience will get a big kick out of that.”

Tim Roth: ‘Lie To Me’ Is Now The Show We Always Wanted To Do

Any scoop on ‘No Ordinary Family‘? – Zach
As hinted in the series premiere, the Powells are not the only folks out there with extraordinary abilities. For example, an upcoming episode will introduce them to a fella who tends to get really fired up, if you catch my drift. As a result, dude’s got a bit of an arson problem.

Is there any hope that TNT will renew ‘Dark Blue‘ for Season 3? A friend of mine got me to watch the pilot two weeks ago, and I devoured both seasons. – Cris
Hope? Sure. An announcement yet? Nope.

Why is Peter Cambor not listed as series regular on ‘NCIS: Los Angeles‘ anymore? Is he leaving the show? I like Nate and would hate to see him go. – Paula
Cambor, who returned briefly in last week’s episode, told, “I don’t think this is the last you’ll see of Nate…. It’s left open-ended for some reason, and that adds to the mystery.”

Exclusive: Meet ‘Smallville’s Big, Bad Granny Goodness

Smallville‘ scoop? Pretty please, with sugar on top? – Allie
Here’s some stray scooplets: Justin Hartley will be directing the 20th episode of this, the final season; the big Clois moment at the end of Episode 200 (airing Oct. 15) does in fact take place in the present; and Bugboy (Greg Arkin) is confirmed to show up in No. 200, even though he was MIA from the official CW synopsis. “We’d be giving something away if we told you what he’s up to,” says exec producer Brian Peterson. “But he’s come back for his high school reunion, and he definitely has an agenda.”

Is ‘Smallville’s Tess now the new Chloe? – Mel
“A little bit, yeah,” answers Cassidy Freeman. “Tess is going to try and be there for [Clark & Co.], to whatever extent they’ll let her. But the ball’s in the court right now.”

‘Lost’ will most likely continue to be the benchmark, so how does ‘The Event‘ stack up thus far? Also, how many episodes remain for the glacial-but-excellent “Rubicon” conspiracy series? – Jim
I admittedly went around calling ‘The Event’s first episode “42 minutes of sci-fi foreplay.” But I gotta tell you, the following two episodes – and especially this week’s – grabbed me hook, line and sinker. Count me in. As for ‘Rubicon,’ the season finale airs October 17 – the same night as ‘Mad Men’s season-ender.

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning TV questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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