Bruce Willis Wears a Meat Hairpiece on Letterman

It’s always appointment television whenever Bruce Willis shows up on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman,’ and last night was no exception. Willis usually sports some kind of crazy accessory, such as a huge windmill hat, a bright orange suit or a Snuggie, and he always comes prepared with bits – and this time out, we got him wearing a pile of ground beef on his head.

“It’s a meat hairpiece. Inspired by… who’s that crazy broad? Gaga! Lady Gaga. Huge fan of Gaga,” Willis said, appearing to promote his new film Red. “It’s 100% ground beef sirloin. Top shelf. Organic. Showering, not a problem. I took a shower a couple hours ago – lather, rinse, repeat, tenderize.”

[iframe—Bruce-Willis-Goes-Gaga/embed 580 476]

Other bits included Bruce telling tales of being banned from NFL games for streaking, as well as dabbling in witchcraft during high school as “a full-on warlock, a Harry Potter juicehead,” later saying he didn’t give that up until he got ‘Moonlighting.’ “They already had a witch on that show,” he quipped – which sounded like a quiet little dig at Cybill Shepherd, with whom he had notorious personality conflicts way back when.

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