Ellen Pompeo Weighs In On New ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Baby

'Grey's Anatomy's Ellen Pompeo (ABC)

'Grey's Anatomy's Ellen Pompeo (ABC)

Sad news for fans of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s McDreamiest couple: In the wake of Mer’s miscarriage, she and Derek likely won’t rush into a second try at starting a family.

“There probably won’t be a baby this season, for sure,” series star Ellen Pompeo tells E! Online.

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Explaining that, for one, “It’s hard to shoot babies and deal with babies on shows,” Pompeo instead wagers that “Derek and Meredith are going to continue to go through their struggles about being a couple and working together and all of that.”

Instead, Mer will be focusing her energies on being there for BFF Cristina (Sandra Oh) as she works through the PTSD she’s suffering as a result of the May finale’s shootings.

“It’s played brilliantly by Sandra. Her acting is impeccable, and the storyline is great for her,” Pompeo raves of her cast mate. “I think it’s a very entertaining first half of the season.”

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Does this ‘Grey’s’ news bum you out? Or are you OK with the McFamily not blossoming just yet?

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