‘The Event’ Recap: Alien Resurrection

Laura Innes in The Event (NBC)

Laura Innes in The Event (NBC)

The third episode of ‘The Event‘ firmly established that the show is the anti-‘Lost‘: heavy on the plot and action, light on the character development. Everything is moving forward from point A to point B, assuring viewers that the writers have figured out what will happen next. It’s an exciting puzzle, but it makes it difficult to emotionally invest in any of the characters.

This week, everyman hero Sean (Jason Ritter) looks like he’s about to get busted at the roadblock  near the plane crash site in Yuma, Arizona until a camper slams into his car in a rip off of ‘The Fugitive’ and he is able to escape along with the FBI Agent Collier (Heather McComb).  He takes her to a motel, bandages her wounds, then attempts to hack into her conveniently undamaged laptop to find information on Vicky (Taylor Cole) and Leila (Sarah Roemer).  She informs him that the info is on some internal server that can only be accessed at headquarters.  He stows away in the trunk of her car.  She notices that the televised news reports about the plane crash claim the plane disappeared an hour ago when it actually disappeared four hours ago.  Sean hacks into the FBI computers and learns that Vicky has a bunch of aliases.  A group of fake U.S. Marshals show up at headquarters to take Sean.  A shoot out ensues. Sean and the agent escape.

Jason Ritter: A Select Few Know What The Event Is

In alien news, at the president’s behest, Sterling (Zeljko Ivanek) offers freedom to any alien who will explain what happened during the attempt on his life.  Though Sophia is convinced they are united, William (Omid Abathi) is willing to tell all provided the government also frees his girlfriend Maya (Clea DuVall.)  Maya kills him before he has a chance to say anything.  Vicky locks Leila  in a shipping container.  In the big cliffhanger, everyone who died in the plane crash comes back to life.

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Who was driving the camper that slammed into Sean’s car?

Why is the news reporting a fictional timeline for the plane crash?

How many different factions are there?  There are the aliens and the government, obviously, but is there a third group of people who are working against the government?

Who is Vicky, really?

Why does Sophia believe that all of her people will be killed if the government knows the truth about them?

Was Sterling involved in the assassination attempt, as the Vice President seemed to imply?

How and why did everyone on the plane get resurrected?

Is there a significance to the date December 2, 1944 when the alien spacecraft presumably crashed? Could the Event happen next December 2?

How many aliens escaped with Thomas?


Sean keeps pulling off miraculous escapes because he is a genius computer hacker with a degree from MIT.  Perhaps this is why the conspiracy targeted him.

Thomas moved and killed the passengers, before they were resurrected by someone else.

Vicky was known as Erica Bartlett until 2002 and studied Mandarin in Hong Kong as part of a shadow organization affiliated with the NSA.

A shiv can kill an alien.  They do not appear to have superhuman healing powers.

What do you think of last night’s episode? Any more burning questions/answers we missed?

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