Craig Ferguson’s Groovy 80s Dance Party

If you don’t watch ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ regularly, this clip of last night’s cold open should change your habits. Given his limitations of a low budget, no band, bad lighting and a studio so crappy it leaks when it rains, Ferguson’s personable, extemporaneous and self-deprecating style more than makes up for it – and with low expectations comes a great amount of freedom to be absolutely silly. Whether it be creating puppet characters like Wavy the Crocodile or Sid the Cussing Rabbit, his robot skeleton sidekick Geoff Peterson or big costumed 80s dance parties like this one, he makes enough fun out of nothing at all to make his show a place to go.

Check out the goofiness below, featuring an appearance by the Mythbusters.

[iframe—“Melt-With-You”/embed 580 476]
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