Deep Soap: ‘All My Children,’ ‘General Hospital’ Stars Offer Major Scoops

Bobbie Eakes (Valerie Macon/Stringer/Getty Images)

Bobbie Eakes (Valerie Macon/Stringer/Getty Images)

News From The Red Carpet at the ABC Daytime Benefit for The L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center

With the difficulties facing gay teens making the news, ABC Daytime’s benefit c0ncert for the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center could not be more timely.  The musical revue, which premiered Thursday night and runs through Sunday, stars ‘General Hospital’sBradford Anderson (Spinelli) and Brandon Barash (Johnny) and ‘All My Children’sBobbie Eakes (Krystle), Jamie Luner (Liza) and Natalie Hall (Colby).  (If you’d like to attend the Saturday or Sunday show, tickets are available here.) On the red carpet, they, and their castmates who came out to show their support, spoke about the importance of the cause and revealed a few secrets about their shows.

AMC’s Bobbie Eakes Explains Why The Benefit Is Important
“Michael Cohen, the publicist for AMC, started the whole Broadway Cares thing to fight AIDS,” he says.  “When we moved out here he said now that two thirds of our ABC shows are on the West coast, let’s try to do something of that caliber over here.  We’re starting out small, but we raised over three million dollars for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.  I hope in six years we can say the same thing for the L.A. Lesbian/Gay Alliance.  In light of everything going on in the news, the teen suicides, people are becoming aware of the tragic story of Tyler Clemente and his suicide.  I think it’s bringing forth the importance of education and therapy and support for young Americans who happen to be gay or lesbian and might live in a family situation where they don’t understand and are not tolerant of it. “

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GH’s Lexi Ainsworth Gives An Actual Teen’s Perspective on Bullying
Lexi Ainsworth, the 17-year-old who plays Kristina on ‘General Hospital’ grew emotional when she talked about the bullying some of her gay friends experienced.  “High school is so hard.  You have to deal with people talking behind your back and bullying even if you don’t have something other people don’t understand. To [gay teens] I would just say don’t listen to what they say because people are just ignorant… I fortunately went to a really, really good school.  The school I went to had a gay pride flag and was very supportive of gay students and transgendered [students.]  But I grew up in Oklahoma where a lot of people can be prejudiced and not understanding.  I do have some friends that are gay and grew up in Oklahoma. It’s very hard for them.”

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AMC’s Chrishelle Stause Reveals: Lindsay Hartley is Playing Jake’s Ex-Wife
The beauty who plays Amanda delivered some major scoop: “They are bringing Jake’s ex-wife to town.  That should be some serious drama,” she says.  “When he came into town we knew he had just gotten divorced.  He doesn’t really talk about her.  We are going to find out he thought she cheated on him and left him.  We’ll find out that wasn’t the case.  The whole time she was protecting him, and that was her brother.  Of course that’s going to add a little bit of tension.  [Her name is] Cara Finn.  Lindsay Hartley from ‘Passions’ and ‘Days of Our Lives’ is playing her…I’m really excited.  I think I start working with her next week.”

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GH’s Dominic Zamprogna Confirms Dante and Brenda Have A History
‘General Hospital’ has been hinting that Brenda and Dante have a past together.  The scream Dante heard in his nightmare earlier this week sure sounded a lot like Brenda.  Zamprogna admits the buzz is accurate. “I think it probably was [her screaming].  You’re going to see some stuff.  They definitely had a past.  It’s going to come out pretty soon that he worked with her in years past.  But there’s not really a lot else that’s clear at this point.  They kind of want you guys to run wild with your imagination and see what we actually did… [Vanessa Marcil Graziannos’s] great.  She keeps you on your toes.  She’s a fresh energy for me.  I never worked with her before.  She’s spicy, fiery.  It’s fun.”  As far as his connection to the mysterious terrorist the Balkan, he said,”It’s related to the past stuff with Brenda.”

The Joey Buchanan Shuffle

This is the weirdest casting news of the week.  Earlier this week ‘One Life To Live’ announced that it cast Josh Kelly as its new Joey Buchanan.   Now comes word that the show has decided to give the role to former ‘As The World Turns’ star Tom Dengen, who played Riley/Adam, and give Kelly another contract role on the show.

Given that Joey will not appear until the November 24th episode, it is unlikely that Kelly taped a single scene as Joey.   OLTL has made last minute switcheroos  before.  Brett Claywell was originally cast as Schuyler.  The show then decided to give the role to Scott Clifton, and cast Claywell as Kyle — a role that some speculated was created for him to fulfill a contractual obligation.  The end result was the beloved, truncated KISH storyline.

If OLTL to live is writing a new part because the producers changed their mind after Kelly signed on the dotted line, that’s not necessarily a bad thing for the actor or the viewers.  I imagine that this sort of thing has happened on numerous occasions, but fans never knew because the switch was made before any press releases were issued.  The question is why is OLTL releasing casting information before final decisions have been made.

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