Opening: ‘Secretariat,’ ‘My Soul to Take,’ ‘Life As We Know It’

by | October 8, 2010 at 6:28 PM | The Movies

Here’s what’s opening today in a theater near you. You’ve got the inspiring story of Secretariat, the greatest horse that ever raced, as well as another Katherine Heigl rom-com called Life As We Know It and the horror flick My Soul To Take. If you’re blessed enough to live in one of several selected cities, you can also check out Zach Galifianakis in It’s Kind of a Funny Story, Gemma Arterton in Tamara Drewe, Edward Norton and Robert De Niro in Stone, a documentary about the bank bailouts called Inside Job, or the story of John Lennon’s teenage years in Nowhere Boy. Take a closer look at all of these films below.

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Diane Lane stars as Penny Chenery, the woman who managed to save her father’s horse ranch with grit and determination, and with a keen eye for breeding, realized the potential of her particular line of steed, and that gave rise to the horse they called Red, but who the rest of the world would come to know as Secretariat, the winner of the 1973 Triple Crown of horse racing.

Life As We Know It
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Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel are two people who hate each other, but are named the guardians of the child of their mutual friends after they die in a car accident, and thus they must figure out how to be proper parents while getting over their disdain.

My Soul To Take
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Wes Craven directs this horror story about a serial killer who uses his last words to place a curse on a small town, vowing to return to claim the lives of the seven children who were born on the day he died. The killer’s son is now a teenager, and has been suffering nightmares for as long as he can remember despite having no idea what his father had done.


It’s Kind Of A Funny Story
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Craig (Keir Gilchrist), a burnt-out teenager feeling suicidal tendencies approaching, checks himself into a mental health clinic and is placed in the adult ward, where a strange patient named Bobby (Zach Galifianakis) takes him under his wing, and he gets closer a teen girl named Noelle (Emma Roberts) with her own issues.

Nowhere Boy
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Aaron Johnson stars as a young John Lennon in this story about the rough life the boy had growing up in 1950s Liverpool with his Aunt Mimi (Kristin Scott Thomas) after his father walked out on his family. When his beloved Uncle George dies, John learns that his real mother Julia (Anne-Marie Duff) is still alive, and is a free spirit ahead of her time that will have a profound effect on his future.

Tamara Drewe
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Stephen Frears directs this comedy of manners, and Gemma Arterton stars as Tamara Drewe, a vivacious woman returning to her bucolic hometown in the English countryside after maturation and a nose job, determined to stir up drama in the place that spurned her in her youth. Her ex-boyfriend Andy Cobb (Luke Evans) strives to regain her affections, but she’s determined to rub her relationship with rock star Ben Sergeant (Dominic Cooper) into the bucolic town’s faces. Meanwhile, Nicholas Hardiment (Roger Allam) is a successful author whose farm has become a haven for writers in search of peace and inspiration, and who is a serial philanderer with his eyes set on Tamara, despite his long-suffering wife Beth’s (Tasmin Greig) dedication, and two teenage girls with an obsession for Ben are determined to foul up Tamara’s life.

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Parole officer Jack Mabry (Robert De Niro) is nearing retirement and doesn’t have much interest in entertaining the pleas of Stone Creeson (Edward Norton) for an early release, so the convicted arsonist arranges for his wife (Milla Jovovich) to seduce the man and convince him otherwise.

Inside Job
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The bailout of the banking industry is still a hugely controversial issue, and filmmaker Charles Ferguson delves deep into the problem to provide a clearer picture of just what the hell happened on Wall Street in 2008 and just how angry we should be as a nation.