Users Speak: Is CNN Making The Right Moves?

Has CNN made the right call with Piers Morgan and Eliot Spitzer? (NBC/Scott Wintrow/Getty Images)

Has CNN made the right call with Piers Morgan and Eliot Spitzer? (NBC/Scott Wintrow/Getty Images)

CNN is in flux. Eliot Spitzer’s new show debuted and is struggling, Anderson Cooper wants his own daytime show, Piers Morgan is set to start and promises changes, Larry King is leaving, and the rumor is Katie Couric may leave her anchor perch at CBS and move to CNN. Is the first all-news cable network making the right moves? Are they going after the right personalities? Should they focus more on news? Or do viewers want more punditry? What are their problems? What do you think they should do? Below, our favorite comments of the week.

Sanchez Says He ‘Screwed Up,’ Wants Job Back

Anderson has more talent in his little finger than some entertainers have in their whole body. I always hoped he would replace Regis Philbin on Regis and Kelley. He is a serious journalist, a heroic newscaster from the battlefield and recently, he has had the opportunity to show his deliciously, subtle sense of humor. Despite his connections, and tremendous popularity, he remains one of the most humble, personalities on TV. His integrity and character are impeccable. I can’t wait for his show to air. –Chris Moore

CNN rehire Sanchez, keep Wolf and Anderson. Larry King is past his prime. I can’t wait till he disappears.
 The Spitzer and Parker duo are a BIG MISTAKE. 
I think the CNN audience is more sophisticated than you think. If your programing doesn’t change for the better, I will be watching Fox and reading my library books. –Racine

Piers Morgan Vows His New CNN Show Will Be A ‘Game-Changer’

I love watching Anderson Cooper 360. He is age appropriate for daytime, asks the questions that need to be asked (without any BS in between), gets to the point, entertaining to watch and is so good looking! I would really like to watch more of him. He seems to be the male version of Barbara Walters. Love it, love it, love it! –NancyB

In another time and another place so to speak, he would have been the ideal replacement for Larry King. I will not watch Piers Morgan! Cooper does an excellent job. He is well-informed, professional, does not hesitate to tackle some big issues and often has the scoop on a lot of breaking news. If CNN lost him, it would be all over for their news lineup. — CHUCK

Eliot Spitzer’s CNN Debut: How’d He Fare?

Talk about outsourcing jobs!! Shame on CNN for hiring a foreigner to replace Larry King when there are Americans just as or better qualified for the job! Like Ryan Seacrest, Joy Behar, Ellen, and many others. I’ll be interested to see how CNN NEWS now handles stories about good jobs going overseas when they hire a Brit. –keysgirl

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