‘Modern Family’ Cast Accepts ‘Fantastic’ Honor, Tease Halloween Episode

Sofia Vergara (Alberto E Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Sofia Vergara (Alberto E Rodriguez/Getty Images)

It’s not often a television show gets to make us laugh and set a good example. But that’s exactly what ABC’s ‘Modern Family’ does every Wednesday night when it delivers giggles and a winning portrayal of gay couple Cameron Tucker (played by Emmy winner Eric Stonestreet) and Mitchell Pritchett (Jesse Tyler Ferguson).

And that’s why the Emmy-winning show was honored with the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network’s (GLSEN) Respect Award in Beverly Hills, California on Friday.

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“It’s a great cause,” says Sofia Vergara (who plays Gloria Delgado-Pritchett) of the award. “I think it’s fantastic for ‘Modern Family’ to be honored tonight. We’re having such a great time. The show is doing so well. On top of setting a good example, it’s the perfect show in the world!”

GLSEN is the leading national education organization that focuses on getting discrimination of any kind and bullying out of the schools, and helps promote respect and acceptance of all people, regardless of sexual orientation or other differences.

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Nolan Gould, 11, who plays Luke Dunphy, says the award is especially important to him because “bullying is something that everyone has to deal with. I have been bullied, personally, because I was short. It takes a stronger person to keep their mouth closed, even if they [can respond with] a thousand good insults, than it is to just give in and try to fight.”

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Rico Rodriguez, 12, who plays Vergara’s son Manny Delgado, says that while he’s actually never been bullied, but “this is good because you can help raise awareness and help stop it. It’s a great honor to be here.”

What wise, children, eh?

Aside from the award, the cast couldn’t stop raving about its upcoming Halloween episode. “It is going to be insane,” says Vergara, whose Gloria dresses up as a sexy (duh!) witch. “We just finished filming it this week, and it took us forever to dp one scene because we were all cracking up on each other.”

Other costumes include Luke as a mad scientist (complete with a crazy wig), Manny as Frankenstein’s monster (teetering on KISS-like boots) and Alex  (played by Ariel Winter) as a caged animal. But get this – there will be no costumes for the always-fashionable Cameron and Mitchell! (Maybe Pepper’s aborted brunch gave them their fill?) “Mitchell only dresses up slightly, for work,” reveals Winter.

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As far as what else we can expect from Season 2 of ‘Modern Family,’ Vergara says, “A lot of the same, but funnier.”

Winter noted that Alex is “turning into a teenager, sort of trying to be popular now. But she’ll always be the snarky, funny character everyone loves.”

And although Gould doubts Luke will ever have a girlfriend – “He seems to be maturing very slowly!” – he did offer up a name when we invited him to wave a magic wand and choose an on-screen love interest. (Yes, I pressed an 11-year-old for scoop!) “I used to have a crush on Elle Fanning (‘Taken’),” he allowed. “I’ll tell you that.”

From his lips to our blog to the casting director’s ears!

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