‘Sesame Street’ Spoofs Old Spice Guy: ‘I’m on a Cow’

by | October 11, 2010 at 3:28 PM | TV News

'Sesame Street' Spoofs the Old Spice Guy (Photo: YouTube/PBS)

'Sesame Street' Spoofs the Old Spice Guy (Photo: YouTube/PBS)

Who wants to “Smell Like a Monster”? All the cool kids, that’s who.

Sesame Street‘ may be a timeless classic, but the PBS kids show is hipper than ever. Nope, I’m not talking about Katy Perry’s ‘Street’ cred controversy, I’m talking about a new muppet madness.

The ‘Sesame Street’ gang has spoofed the Old Spice guy commercials in a kid-friendly video gone viral, starring the blue fuzz monster Grover as the man you want your man to be … or the pal you want your kids to play with, rather.

The Old Spice ads starring Isaiah Mustafa–aka the hot Old Spice guy–launched the ‘Smell Like a Man’ campaign earlier this year with hilarious commercials featuring the ex-NFL football player as every woman’s dream man, on a horse, in a desert….

‘The Old Spice Guy’ Goes Viral

The award-winning commercial first debuted during the Super Bowl and went on to grab 21 million hits on YouTube. Mustafa has gone on to land several acting gigs, like a guest stint on ‘Chuck’ and a role in the Jennifer Aniston movie ‘Horrible Bosses.’

In this new parody, watch a less-than-suave Grover “on a horse, er … cow,” tangled in a towel, asking if you want to ‘Smell Like a Monster.’

Watch It: Grover Takes on the Old Spice Guy!