‘The Event’ Preview: Where The (Presumed) Dead Come To Life

Blair Underwood as President Martinez on The Event (NBC)

Blair Underwood as President Martinez on The Event (NBC)

How did the plane wind up in Arizona? And why? Were the resurrected survivors actually departed or merely unconscious? Will the questions ever end?! (Don’t answer that.)

‘The Event’ Recap: Alien Resurrection

In previews from tonight’s episode of ‘The Event,’ President Martinez is stressed. And not just by normal presidential freak-out worthy concerns like balancing the national budget or managing multiple wars. He’s just found out the presumed dead passengers from the flight are alive, and he’s receiving threats from a stranger (Thomas) who planted a cell phone in his son’s bag (wherefore art thou, Secret Service?), claiming responsibility for the plane-diverting bubble vortex. What’s the man to do?

Jason Ritter: A Select Few Know What The Event Is

‘The Event’ airs tonight (with special guest Hal Holbrook!) at 9/8c on NBC.

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