No, Bristol Palin Doesn’t Go Moose Hunting In a Leotard

Bristol and Mark Steam Up the Dance Floor (Photo: ABC)

Bristol and Mark Steam Up the Dance Floor (Photo: ABC)

She promised she’d strut her sexy side this week, and Bristol Palin sure delivered on ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ Monday night.

Dressed in a black leotard over a white button-down shirt-dress and black stockings, the 19-year-old single mom worried that the Rumba might be rough for her “because it’s sexy and stuff and I’m not.”

Even her partner Mark Ballas noted, “Rumba and Bristol have absolutely zero in common.”

But whether you loved it or hated it — the judges did gave it a 14 for performance and an 18 for technique — you have to give Palin props for showing a side of herself we didn’t think we’d see … and for going so far as to rip the shirt off her hunky partner’s chest. And, in front of her family – mom Sarah Palin, dad Todd Palin, and sister Piper Palin – all in the audience.

Bristol Gets Drrrrty on the Dance Floor!

I caught up with the dancer for a little one-on-one action backstage after Monday’s performance show to talk about all things sexy, and here’s what she had to say…

Fancast: You seemed pretty nervous about bringing on the sex appeal. Now that it’s over, how do you think you did?
Bristol Palin: I thought it was sexy. I had fun and I thought it went well tonight. I was comfortable with all of it.

We’ve never seen you dress remotely sexy or even dolled up in dark, smoky eye makeup…
Bristol: Yeah, I never sported it before. I never sported a leotard onstage or anything like that before, but it felt good during the dance.
Mark Ballas: You don’t go moose hunting in this?
Bristol: No. I don’t go moose hunting in this. [Laughs] I don’t go fishing in this. [Laughs]

Would you maybe try to dress sexier for special events in the future?
Bristol: Maybe. I definitely will wear some longer shorts, though, or pants. [Laughs]

Was it embarrassing to be sexing it up with your family right there in the audience?
Bristol: It wasn’t at all. They were the ones telling me, ‘You gotta get into character,’ and that’s what I did.

How did it feel ripping Mark’s shirt off?
Bristol: It felt gooood! [Laughs] Yeah, he’s got a nice body so it felt good. I thought it added to the performance.

Do you feel more womanly after tonight’s sexy performance?
Bristol: Yeah, I definitely do. I definitely feel more confident. Mark worked with me on that and boosted my confidence. It’s all fun.

How did you feel about the low scores?
Mark: It was a little rough. I don’t get it. They wanted sexy moves. We gave them sexy moves. They weren’t happy with it. If we’re lucky enough to come back next week, we’ll try again.
Bristol: It sucks. It feels like, yeah, the performance is over we did so well … and then uh-uh, there’s a four.

It was nice to see your son, Tripp, in the rehearsal segment that aired this week. Is he comfortable with cameras?
Bristol: He’s a little ham. He loves the attention. He loves the cameras around, he’s great.

If you make it through next week, what dance are you doing and what TV show theme song will it be performed to?
Mark: We can’t say what song.
Bristol: We’re doing the Jive. I’m a little nervous about the footwork, but I’m excited to learn it.

What did you think of Bristol and Mark’s wild performance this week? (Be kind, she’s just a teenager!)

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