The Big Tease: Scoop On Bones, Grey’s, Vampire Diaries and More

'Bones' Emily Deschanel, 'Grey's Anatomy's Sara Ramirez and 'Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder (Fox/ABC/CW)

'Bones' Emily Deschanel, 'Grey's Anatomy's Sara Ramirez and 'Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder (Fox/ABC/CW)

Wanna know what’s coming up on your favorite show? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the place to send your questions. Here now the scoop!

I just read that Enrico Colantoni (love him on ‘Flashpoint’!) is going to guest star on ‘Bones,’ and that the episode will have significance to Brennan. Inquiring minds would like to know more, please. – Andrea via Facebook
I too was happy to see Enrico book this role, because it’s a great one. He’ll be playing a Jeffersonian security guard in Episode 8, titled “The Doctor In The Photo.” This is a “special” outing told almost exclusively from Brennan’s point of view, and as such it’s a very cool character study. Enrico’s character happens to listen in on each and every heady lecture given at the Jeffersonian, so he has a lot to say and share with Temp as she puts in overtime with a corpse who, rather confusingly, “talks” to her. (P.S. The guard is named Micah Leggat, which I am convinced is an anagram. Best I can come up with is “The Magic Gal,” which could be a nod to the “talking” deceased.) And hey, a second ‘Veronica Mars‘ alum is in this ep: Francis “Weevil” Capra will play Rhino, a gang member suspected of murder.

Any interesting scoop for my favorite ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ couple, Callie and Arizona? – Maria
And how! I got to check out the October 28 episode, “These Arms of Mine,” which is shot documentary-style as a news crew profiles the Seattle Grace team in the wake of the shooting tragedy. Amid the mania of a double arm transplant and the return of Mandy Moore’s character, the Calzona story delivers a major bombshell. I’m not allowed to say any more on the matter, but you will not want to miss the final moments.

‘Vampire Diaries’ Biggest Time Leap Will Reveal Katherine’s Origin

You offered to elaborate on your NY Comic-Con tweets about ‘The Vampire Diaries.’ Any ideas on who Damon will bed, and who Jeremy’s love interest will be? – Tammy
After ‘TVD’ EP Kevin Williamson told me that Damon will get some nookie, I asked if it will be with someone currently on the canvas. Alas, I couldn’t tell if Kevin’s headshake meant “It is not someone we know” or “No, I will not tell you” – so I’ve got bupkus there. As for Jeremy’s love life, “You can expect a dabble with a capital D,” teased EP Julie Plec. “And possibly with somebody we already know.”

What did you mean when you Tweeted that ‘Vampire Diaries‘ Katherine shouldn’t buy any green bananas? Tell us more! – PaulaEdgar via Twitter
What I meant is that the preview reel played at Comic-Con showed Damon & Co. fortifying themselves with all manner of stakes, bows and spiked knuckles, in the name of taking down the nasty dame. Julie Plec, though, had this to tell me about their mission: “Anybody who thinks they’ve got a bead on Katherine is going to be sorely mistaken. I will say that in what they do, they learn just how diabolical she really is and the lengths she’s willing to go to. And yet when all is said and done, there’s a slight element of victory.”

You’re my No. 1 ‘Royal Pains‘ guy. Any new scoop to share? – Dionne
Chung-chung! When the USA Network dramedy returns for its winter season, ‘Law & Order: Criminal Intent’ alumna Julianne Nicholson will guest-star as a workaholic investment bank trader who has fled NYC for the Hamptons after the tragic death of a friend.

Kathryn Erbe Joins D’Onofrio For ‘Law & Order: CI’s Final Season

Desperate Housewives‘ seems to have gotten its groove back. Got scoop? – Craig
Are you wondering why Emily Bergl‘s sweet little Beth would warm up to incarcerated Paul Young? Here’s one possible clue: It will be revealed that her own mom is serving time as well! And momma does not care for her daughter’s choice in husbands.

We know that in ‘Smallville‘s Episode 200 (airing this Friday), Future Lois interacts with Present Clark. But will we see any interaction between Future Clark and Future Lois? – Mickey
I wasn’t in L.A. last week to catch a screen of “Homecoming,” but my coworker Sara Bibel was. She reports: “Yes, viewers will get a big taste of Future Clark and Future Lois – and their wardrobes.”

In the promo for this week’s ‘Smallville,’ we see Clark dancing with Lois in the barn. What prompts him to do this? – blackdashund via Twitter
Alas, the catalyst for that closeness is one of the top-secret elements of “Homecoming.” But Fancast’s Sara can say this: “It is Clark’s experiences in this episode that lead him and Lois to the barn.”

Rocky Carroll: ‘NCIS’ Will Soon Spill More Of Vance’s Secrets

If you see Laura Vandervoort at New York Comic-Con, please tell her that we want her back on ‘Smallville‘! – HmmWildCherry via Twitter
I did, and I did. Acknowledging that ‘Smallville’ “left it open-ended” by suggesting that Kara will never be far away, Vandervoort admitted, “I haven heard anything” about an encore. However... “I loved one of her leather jackets and asked if I could have it, and they said they had to hold onto it just in case,” the ‘V‘ beauty offered. “So whatever that means to the audience…?”

Is Cat Grant returning to ‘Smallville‘? – Lainie
Yes, Keri Lynn Pratt will be back, raising the question: How will Cat fit in now that Lois has reclaimed her desk (and shoved aside all the frilly accoutrements)? Pratt answers with a laugh, “I’ll unintentionally be in the middle of things!”

I have completely broken up with ‘CSI’ and am now loving ‘Nikita‘! What’s coming up? – Devon
The scoop we got at New York Comic-Con kicked as much butt as Nikita herself. Both Shane West and Maggie Q said that the Michael-centric Episode 9 is their favorite episode thus far, while series boss Craig Silverstein promised that Episode 11 will be a game-changer that seriously shakes up the storytelling. (If I read between the lines right, I suspect that the Division bunker just might go kablooey.) But before any of that, we’ll get an episode that reveals exactly how Nikita is connected to the murder of Alex’s parents. “It’s… complicated,” Maggie said. “[Compared to] what you may be expecting in your head… you’re go to be really surprised.”

When does ‘V‘ come back? – losty10 via Twitter
ABC’s ‘V” is still set to return “this November,” it was reiterated at NY Comic-Con, though a specific date still eludes us. But when it does fly back onto our screens, expect to find Lisa making like a pubescent Peter Brady. “She’s going through some ‘changes,'” Laura Vandervoort teases. “She’s having issues with her primal instincts as a V.” And human teens think they have it rough with the acne and the Bieber.

Queen ‘V’: Jane Badler Teases The Mysterious ‘Return’ Of Diana

I am really anxious to see where the next season of ‘V‘ takes us. Is there anything you can tease? – Tim
In a nutshell: Anna will have much to answer for, having released the red sky (and the red rain that comes with it) far sooner than planned; the Fifth Column movement will go global; we’ll see more of the Visitors walking among us on Earth; and we’ll gain insight as to why Tyler was targeted by Anna. Also at NY Comic-Con, Morena Baccarin revealed that 1) just last week she worked with a 14-inch white rat and 2) she had to learn “tail acting” for a major OMG moment we got to see in the Season 2 premiere.

Please tell me what is happening with ‘The Gates.’ Will it be returning? – Nona
There’s no official word – and lord knows stranger fates have befallen ABC summer shows (e.g. ‘Rookie Blue’ getting a second season!) – but I’m skeptical on this one coming back, sorry.

Lifetime renewing ‘Army Wives‘ (and passing on the Pamela-centric spin-off) poses the question: Will Brigid Brannagh still be part of the original show, or will she leave? – Kajo
Brannagh is on board for Season 5, yes.

Is anything good coming up for ‘90210‘s Naomi? She needs some love in her life. – Dawn
Short of love, how about more of the always-reliable lust? Because Naomi will flip for a hunky surfer pal of Ivy’s. No, she will literally flip, seeing as she tries to pass herself off as an expert surfer. The end result makes Greg Brady and his tiki-wearing self look downright agile. And yes, I realize that’s my second ‘Brady Bunch’ reference in this week’s column.

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning TV questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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