‘The Event’ Recap: Missed Connection

Sarah Roemer and Taylor Cole in The Event (NBC)

Sarah Roemer and Taylor Cole in The Event (NBC)

The fourth episode of ‘The Event‘ was rather, well, uneventful.  There was action and tension and flashbacks but when the closing credits rolled, barely anything of significance had happened.

Sean (Jason Ritter) and FBI Agent Collier (Heather McComb) speed away from the shoot out that ended last episode in an SUV belonging to a Fake FBI bad guy.  He phones Vicky, telling her to move Leila (Sarah Roemer). Sean, continuing to possess Jack Bauer skills for no apparent reason, forces him off the road and disables the car’s GPS. Then he does some hacking and learns that Vicky (Taylor Cole) rented a house in Texas.  They discover Vicky’s mother living there along with Vicky’s nerdy son, Adam.  Vicky and Carter move Leila to a basement.  She overhears Vicky get the order to kill her. Leila manages to free herself from handcuffs, shoot Vicky, escape the house, flag down a policeman, go to a police station, and phone Sean, who does not answer because his cell phone battery is dead.  It turns out that this was all Vicky’s plan to lure Sean to her.

None of the plane crash survivors have any memory of what happened. President Martinez (Blair Underwood) gets a phone call from Thomas (Clifton Collins Jr.), who warns him that if he does not free the prisoners people will die.  All of the crash survivors get nosebleeds.

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There are also a few flashbacks that prove this show is no ‘Lost.’  Five years ago, Sean has Thanksgiving with the Buchanan family and reveals he is not in touch with his parents.   A year ago, the President  talks to Sophie (Laura Innes), who makes the case that her people should be treated like any other immigrants.  Vilified, imprisoned and deported?  I think Martinez is already giving Sophie exactly what she demands.

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When did Sean have time to print out all of the information about Vicky and put it in a manila folder?

Why was Sean so evasive about his parents in the flashback scenes? Is his Dad really a drunk and his mother sick? Is he really not in contact with them? Are they dead, or aliens?

Sean mentioned that he was a freelance videogame designer.  Which games did he program?

In the flashback, the camera lingered on the fancy Scotch that Michael (Scott Patterson) poured for Sean, which appeared to be the Nathape brand. Sean seemed to hate the taste.  What was its significance?

Is it relevant that Michael piloted international routes before joining his current airline?

What was the “mitochondrial process” that kept the plane crash survivors alive even though they had no heartbeat?

Is there any significance to Sophie being a vegan?

Why is Vicky’s son Adam such a nerd?

Why didn’t Vicky just point a gun at Leila and order her to call Sean instead of going through an elaborate, improbably scheme with numerous opportunities for failure?


Were there any?  Let’s see: the plane crash survivors were never dead, just in some sort of deep freeze.

The aliens can divert a plane and give people deep comas and nosebleeds at will, but they cannot free themselves from an Alaskan prison.

What other questions did you have? Did we miss any answers? Hit the comments?

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