‘Smallville’s Final Season: Reader Questions Answered, Part 2

Tom Welling exhibits specs appeal in the 'Smallville' episode "Homecoming," airing Oct. 15 (The CW)

Tom Welling exhibits specs appeal in the 'Smallville' episode "Homecoming," airing Oct. 15 (The CW)

When will ‘Smallville‘s Clark Kent don his trademark eyewear? How will Lois react to one mother of an emotional twist? Will a Canary swoop back into Green Arrow’s life? With The CW series’ 200th episode fast approaching, Fancast presents answers to more reader questions. (‘Smallville’ airs Fridays at 8/7c.)

Can we expect to see Clark wearing glasses at any point during the final season? – Bonnie
The matter of Clark’s famous, specs-tacular disguise “will work its way in, yes,” exec producer Brian Petersen told me at last month’s party celebrating Episode 200. And judging by the recently released scene shots from “Homecoming,” it happen this Friday. It almost goes without saying that Lois really, really likes the look.

‘Smallville’s Final Season: Reader Questions Answered, Part 1

What are the odds we get a Tess-Lionel scene now that John Glover‘s return is confirmed? I can taste the nuance and great acting. – wingster55
“Oh, I wish. I wish I wish I wish I wish,” Cassidy Freeman answers rather enthusiastically. But since Papa Luthor is dead, she wonders if he’ll instead turn up in “a flashback or something?” Such a scenario would jibe with the spoiler that the night of Jonathan Kent’s death will be revisited in Episode 200.

Got anything on the next episode Tom Welling is directing? – LaLane1972
TW is helming Episode 9, titled “Patriot.” When I asked him what unique challenges this directing turn presented, he said, “We’re going to shoot underwater, with dolphins, with explosions, and with Aquaman (Alan Ritchson) and Aquaman’s wife [Mera, played by Elena Satine]…. It’s going to be a huge episode.”

Is Season 10 going to be as dark as last season? – Deji
In a word, no. “Season 9 was really about wrestling with darkness,” says exec producer Kelly Souders. “And while [Season] 10 is about having to go up against darkness, because of Darkseid, it has a much more future-forward, hopeful, inspiring tone to it.” Which is nice.

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Any tidbits you can share about “Mama Lane”? – camycats via Twitter
What we know: Lois’ dearly departed mother will be played by ‘Desperate’ Housewife/’Lois & Clark’ alum Teri Hatcher in Episode 8, “Abandoned.” What we don’t quite know is what purpose Ella Lane will serve by appearing to her daughter via old videotapes. Erica Durance sheds some light, saying that by experiencing Mom’s missive, Lois is “able to let go of a lot of guilt that she’s had, and she’s able to move forward – and in doing so, she helps Clark move forward with his life.”

‘Smallville’ Shocker: Lois Lane’s Mom Is… Lois Lane?!

Is there any chance that we’ll see Oliver move on to his comic book wife, Dinah (aka Black Canary, played by ‘SGU’s Alaina Huffman)? – VM
When I asked Justin Hartley if Black Canary might be called on for an encore, he said, “Hopefully!” With scene partner Allison Mack‘s Chloe MIA for all but five episodes this season, “That’d give me something to do, right?” he noted. “So yeah, that’d be great.”

Will Clark get to investigate a story or two himself this season? – Heather S.
Kelly Souders had to chuckle when I went to her with this topic. Turning to fellow EP Brian Petersen, she said, “We sure get a lot of questions about journalism stories from journalists!” Kelly went on to say that while “Lois and Clark’s careers are obviously very important, they also have a few other massive issues to deal with – like, their relationship, [Clark’s] secret, and when they find out who knows what.”

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