‘Fringe’: Will Walter Keep Massive Dynamic Alive? Or Kill It?

John Noble in the Oct. 14 'Fringe' (Fox)

John Noble in the Oct. 14 'Fringe' (Fox)

Oh, how the Belly tolled for ‘Fringe‘s Walter Bishop when he set eyes on that which his passed-on friend and colleague had bequeathed to him: ownership of Massive Dynamic.

What in this world will Walter do with the weighty inheritance? “I don’t believe that he can comprehend what it means to him,” John Noble tells Fancast of what happens as the Fox series this Thursday returns to “our” universe. “He’s overwhelmed.”

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Noble reminds that Walter had long been resentful of Dr. William Bell (as played by Leonard Nimoy), who “went on to become incredibly successful [as a scientist], whereas Walter finished up in a madhouse.”

But would Walter have even wanted any part of Massive Dynamic back in the day? “If you look at Walternate, you’d say, ‘Well, maybe he would,’ because that’s the same guy,” Noble theorizes. “Maybe he would have said, ‘Bring it on. I’m going to be a magnate.'”

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That was then, this is now, and our Walter has lived a very different – and in ways richer – life than his Secretary Of Defense alt-verse counterpart. “He’s had to reevaluate everything as he came out of that mist in his life,” Noble says. “He has realized that the simplest thing, like the love of a parent for a child, is far more important than anything else” – a realization that Walternate himself was robbed of when Walter plucked Peter from that other plane.

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Noble reckons that Walter, as he processes the gift of MD, will decide, “I’m not going to be the CEO of this business.” Instead, “He may think, ‘I wonder what opportunities this gives me to do good science?’ At the end of the day, I suppose something like Massive Dynamic could make a lot less profit and do a lot better science – if Walter has his say.”

Than again, as Walter debates the merits of treasuring or trashing the Massive Dynamic legacy, he could enlist the extremely qualified input of a valued peer: Nina Sharpe (played by Blair Brown) – “and that would be something I would love,”  Noble says with a wink.

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Until this Massive dilemma is resolved, Noble maintains that Walter will be “absolutely, absolutely overwhelmed” by his options. After all, he points out, Dr. Bishop is a “simple man who’s found a son that he adores and lost because he lied to him… a girl [Olivia] that he adores… Astrid… and a cow. And that’s it!”

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