‘South Park’ Fights Off A Jersey Invasion: Did You Watch?

Jerseyfied Kyle vs. Snooki on Comedy Central's 'South Park'

Jerseyfied Kyle vs. Snooki on Comedy Central's 'South Park'

“It’s a Jersey thing” – and Comedy Central’s ‘South Park‘ savagely skewered every vulnerable aspect of Garden State culture in this Wednesday’s outing.

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The premise for the raucous episode: New Jersey has slowly been absorbing each of the eastern United States, to the point that anything East of the Rockies is now considered Jersey.

As seen in the first clip below, Stan’s dad alerts the townsfolk to the approaching problem, as South Park is next to be “claimed.”

Along the way, viewers learned that Kyle’s mother is from Jersey, and is prone to letting that side of her come out – and come out it does, as exemplified by teased hair and an orange tan. (The best part: Kyle’s mom delivers a reality TV-style confessional to “the camera,” while friends wonder who the bleep she is talking to.)

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Toward the end, a (more) monstrous incarnation of ‘Jersey Shore‘s Snooki is unleashed upon the Colorado berg, prompting Kyle to let his innate Jersey blood transform him into a gelled, chain-wearing Pauly D-like lunk. Watch that clip here:

[iframe http://media.mtvnservices.com/mgid:cms:item:comedycentral.com:360411 420 382]

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Did you catch ‘South Park’s riff on Jersey Shore denizens and real housewives?

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