‘Survivor: Nicaragua’ Castaway Interview – Tyrone Davis

Here are two little pieces of advice for anyone going on “Survivor” in the future…

1.    Don’t be the leader.
2.    Don’t eat more food than anyone else.

These two rules seem pretty basic, but every season several people fall into those traps. Unfortunately for Tyrone Davis, he found himself with a foot in each trap last night. I spoke with Tyrone the morning after his dismissal to get his thoughts on the work ethic of the younger tribe, Holly’s sanity, and of course, Chickengate.

Gordon Holmes: Were you blindsided last night?
Tyrone Davis:
I predicted it. I knew it was going to be me or Yve because from the four remaining Espada members, we were the only threats. And Holly was a wayward vote because I knew she was crazy. I figured they’d probably get her. She’s like a blade of grass in the wind, she’s going to go whichever way.
Gordon: What was Holly like to have around camp?
Tyrone: She was a space cadet. She’s crazy. She needs to be on somebody’s couch. She’s like Lisa Kudrow’s character on “Friends.” She’s a dingbat, basically. She did things around camp, but she did say at one point she wanted out of there. She lasted longer than me, so she did something right.

Gordon: Last night they showed you laying down the law with the new Espada tribe. Was that an accurate portrayal?
Not at all. Any conversation was an open-ended conversation. I asked for input. They didn’t show that. But, they didn’t boil their water before they drank it, which I thought was crazy as hell. There could be parasites and whatever else. I said, “That’s cool, you don’t have to boil your water, but I’m still going to boil mine.” I tried to tell them the benefits of doing that. But, that’s the generation gap. We’re all adults, but there’s a difference.
Gordon: How big of an impact does that age difference have on tribal unity?
Tyrone: Definitely some impact. The Y2K kids, they have a sense of entitlement. The work ethic is different, the sense of honor and integrity is not there. On Espada we tried to work together more than the kids were. I work with kids as a teacher and a coach, but I don’t have kids of my own. Maybe there’s a technique that I missed along the way that could have been a benefit.
Gordon: Like smacking them upside the head?
Tyrone: No, I don’t mean like smacking them upside the head, but after watching the show there’s a couple of them that could use some discipline. Maybe they didn’t get enough hugs. Maybe I could have taken a more active role in connecting with them. I could’ve said, “It’s going to be OK, sweetie,” when NaOnka had her meltdown. I read through NaOnka more than anyone else there.
Gordon: What do you think her issue is?
Tyrone: I think her issue is insecurity. She probably didn’t get enough hugs as a kid. I don’t know, but I’m a little bit embarrassed for her. I’m not a doctor, but she’s probably attention starved.

Gordon: I’m fascinated with Jill and Marty. Who’s in control of that relationship?
I think it’s a two-sided relationship. Marty’s arrogance or sense of entitlement came off strong to everybody else. But, as far as who’s in control, they both have strong personalities.

Gordon: One of the main rules of “Survivor” is be careful with the food. You got grief over eating what Benry believed to be a large piece of chicken. Did you have any idea that people were taking that so seriously?
What happened was, I waited until everyone had their share. So, I ate what was left. And if you look at it, there wasn’t much left. I was gnawing on the bone, and there wasn’t much there. I didn’t get any more than anyone else. It’s not like I had a damn leg. And I find it ironic. OK, the black man is eating all the chicken.
Gordon: Why’s it got to be like that?
Tyrone: It is what it is, and I do eat a lot. People who know me know I eat a lot.
Gordon: You’re the biggest guy out there. You’re built like a WWE action figure.
Tyrone: (Laughs) That’s funny.
Gordon: What affect did the lack of food have on you.
Tyrone: I was doing better than most people out there. I’m a bachelor, sometimes I don’t eat for 24 hours at a time. I took it as a challenge.

Gordon: What was your relationship like with Jimmy T.?
I actually liked Jimmy T. He’s a decent guy, but he’s attention starved. I told him he was doing himself a disservice by carrying on the way he was carrying on. But, that’s who he is. Where he comes from, he’s the man, he’s the leader. But, he’s not where he comes from. He was annoying the daylights out of everyone else, but it was cool. I like the dude.

Gordon: OK, word association time. Let’s start with Jane.
Gordon: Holly?
Tyrone: (Expletive deleted) dingbat.
Gordon: Yve?
Tyrone: I guess I would say unstable.
Gordon: Jimmy T. said “a lot of baggage” for Yve. What’s going on with Yve that we’re not seeing?
Tyrone: Yve is very unstable. From a couple of conversations, she’s got some psychological issues. When we meet everybody, we were talking about everybody’s careers and I said, “Are you a homemaker?” She’s like, “No! I’m a mother!” And I was like, “Whoa, sorry I offended you. What’s wrong with being a homemaker?” I thought that was an honorable thing. So, obviously she has some man issues. She can’t stand men, she’s done with men. She’s got some issues.
Gordon: Benry?
Tyrone: Crafty.
Gordon: Jimmy T.?
Tyrone: Insecure.
Gordon: Jimmy J.?
Tyrone: Fireman.
Gordon: Alina?
Tyrone: Conniving.
Gordon: NaOnka?
Tyrone: (Laughs) What is the word for her…troubled.
Gordon: Marty?
Tyrone: In the words of Jimmy T., he’s a prissy (expletive deleted).
Gordon: (Laughs)
Tyrone: That was funny!

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