The Dos and Don’ts of Surviving ‘Top Model’

Tyra Banks on America's Next Top Model (The CW)

Tyra Banks on America's Next Top Model (The CW)

Now that ‘America’s Next Top Model‘ is in its 15th cycle, we think it’s safe to say that there are certain do’s and don’ts that a contestant needs to know about to get far in the competition.

The following analysis is culled not only from this cycle but also from many cycles past…and could be potentially lucrative, especially if you’re into illegal reality TV gambling and model-betting!

Here are the golden rules that’ll help you spot the makings of a true ‘Top Model’:

Don’t be anorexic. Maybe some industry insiders are okay with a model’s rib cage poking out a tad bit, but when you’re on ‘Top Model,’ it’s Tyra Banks’ domain, honey. And since she’s known to love what she calls “fiercely real” (i.e. plus-sized) models and is a curvy model herself, you better believe unhealthy body images are absolute “dreckitude.” Case in point: This season’s Anamaria. Although the 19-year-old claimed she was quite “proud” of her emaciated figure and controlled caloric count, Tyra was appalled and even asked her to eat an avocado! Not a big surprise, the bony gal was the first one booted off for her skewed self-image.

Don’t complain. While there are oodles of examples to choose from, the latest ‘Poor Me!’ model is Liz. You’d think coming from a broken home would make you more eager to do whatever it takes to win and less apt to complain. But not Liz—if it’s not her new unwanted boy cut, wardrobe issues, or eye-makeup stinging her eyes—she always finds a new reason to make a stink! Unless she makes serious changes to her attitude, we guarantee she’ll be one of the next gals booted off—the complainers never make it!

Have more than one facial expression. A drop-dead gorgeous photogenic face is not enough. If all you got in your repertoire is a Glamour Shot pose, don’t bet on staying long. Consider flower-child Rhianna. Although she was praised for having a unique “quirky” look, her unchanging vacant stares into the camera exhausted the judges and they sent her packing. Unfortunately, Jane has the same zombie-like disposition, and we fear she’ll soon be on the chopping block!

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Don’t be a biatch. The good thing about being a biatch on ‘Top Model’ is that your confidence, personality, and dramatic flair are entertaining. But, the bad thing about being a biatch is that you alienate yourself from your already competitive peers, and it’ll make your life that much more difficult. Plus, being a rowdy diva always ends up getting get back to Tyra and her entourage, which spells negative brownie points. Unless someone can correct us, a biatch has never won ‘Top Model’—(so it’s not a surprise that karma got the best of Kacey last night)!

Take in criticism and change from it. Even if you’re not the most scrumptious eye-candy in the competition, every model who’s stayed malleable and taken in the judges’ critiques with a can-do attitude always goes far. The best examples this season are Kayla and Chris—the former we’re betting will be a top contender.

Don’t crack under pressure.
Nobody likes a cry baby. When the photographers and judges are ragging on you, don’t take it personally and woefully re-live all your prepubescent sob stories—it’s just business. Unfortunately, older sis Terra lost all confidence in herself during the anti-bullying campaign shoot and shortly thereafter, was ousted, leaving her baby sister, Chris, to compete for the prize.

Have a sense of humor in those ridiculous runway challenges…but still work hard at them.
Look, we all know that some of the challenges are a complete joke and are just excuses for the judges to laugh their heinys off (e.g. the recent roller coaster shoot and conveyor belt show). If you fall flat on your face and break your stilettos, don’t freak out. As long as you give it your all, the judges will pick up on your professionalism and take you seriously. We give props to Chelsey for taking every challenge seriously—no matter how preposterous they are.

Are you watching ‘Top Model’ this season? Got any other pointers you want to add to the list?

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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