Diane Sawyer and ‘World News’ Headed to China

'ABC World News' Anchor Diane Sawyer (AP Photo/Peter Kramer)

'ABC World News' Anchor Diane Sawyer (AP Photo/Peter Kramer)

BY: David Bauder

NEW YORK – ABC News is sending Diane Sawyer to China next month for a three-day reporting trip to find out how that country’s economy continues to grow.

Sawyer will originate her evening ‘World News‘ broadcast in China from Nov. 15-17. The network said Friday that Sawyer will visit Beijing and Shanghai, and be accompanied by reporters David Muir and Clarissa Ward.

‘World News’ Executive Producer Jon Banner said many Americans are curious about how China has been able to make changes and continue its growth in the face of a worldwide recession.

“There’s a mystery, there’s some xenophobia around it, and we wanted to explore what is really happening in the country and see what we can learn from what is happening there,” Banner said.

Banner noted how China has become “a bogeyman” in some congressional campaigns this fall, and predicted the nation and its relationship with the United States will be big issues in the 2012 presidential campaign.

He said ABC News hasn’t faced any restrictions in its reporting in advance of the trip. He said the network hoped to speak with the nation’s political leaders, but isn’t sure whether that will happen.

Sawyer has traveled to Afghanistan, Haiti and the Gulf Coast region during the oil spill since taking over at ‘World News’ last December. The broadcast remains second behind NBC in the evening news ratings.

NBC’s Brian Williams has made frequent trips to the Gulf Coast post-Katrina and during the oil spill, and CBS’ Katie Couric went to Afghanistan in August.

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