‘The Event’ Recap: The Aliens Use The Nuclear Option

Blair Underwood in The Event (NBC)

Blair Underwood in The Event (NBC)

It’s the most shocking episode of ‘The Event‘ ever! Stuff actually happened!  Not coincidentally, the episode was heavy on President Martinez (Blair Underwood), and light on the Sean (Jason Ritter.)

Thomas (Clifton Collins Jr. ) is still threatening to kill all the plane crash survivors in 24 hours if the president does not release the alien prisoners.  After much ‘24‘-style dialogue about capitulating to terrorists, the President actually grows a pair and tells Thomas that he will kill all of the prisoners if he does not give the plane crash survivors the antidote that will save them. Thomas agrees to spare them in exchange for Sophia (Laura Innes).

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In flashbacks, we learn that after Thomas and Simon (Ian Anthony Dale) left the crash site, Thomas got a job working on the Manhattan Project, and brought nuclear fission to humans.  His goal seems to be to improve technology so that they will be able to build a spaceship and return home.  It’s like ‘E.T.’ on a grand scale, minus everything that made ‘E.T.’ a classic.

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In other news, Sean (Jason Ritter) and Leila (Sarah Roemer) finally reunite.  Sean buys a pre-paid cell phone and listens to her voicemail message.  He also has his reformed hacker friend Rick (Sam Page) track Vicky’s (Taylor Cole) cellphone and learns she is also in Snyder, TX.  Through flashbacks we learn that Vicky’s son Adam is actually the child of a family she was hired to kill five years ago.  She could not bring herself to kill the baby and gave it to her mother. Sean phones Vicky and reveals he knows about Adam.  This inspires Vicky to help him bust Leila out of the police station.  She kills a bunch of people, so apparently she only has qualms about killing infants.

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Are the prisoners aliens or more highly evolved humans from the future, or time traveling aliens?

Given their opposing viewpoints about humanity, why is Thomas so desperate to reunite with Sophia?  Will anything other than future alien sex be disappointing?

Does Thomas feel guilty about the U.S. bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well as his role in the cold war?

She has essentially been an under five so far.  In this episode the First Lady was disturbed that the president even considered killing the prisoners.  Since it has been established that plenty of the aliens escaped into the CGI snow, is the First Lady an alien? If so, does that mean that humans and aliens can procreate?

Who was Vicky working for five years ago, and is the family that she killed connected to the conspiracy?

How did Rick hack Vicky’s phone number?  What were he and Sean into before he went straight?

Why didn’t Vicky just kill Sean?

Why was Sean such a good shot during the shootout?  Has he fired weapons before?

Is Sean finally going to pop the question now that he and Leila have reunited?

Will the plane crash victims suffer lingering effects from everyone Thomas has done to them?  Can he keep killing them and giving them diseases indefinitely?

Where were the aliens from originally?

What other technological advances were actually brought by the aliens?  Are they responsible for the internet and cellphones?

Why can’t the aliens just invent the technology they need and build their ship now?

Why doesn’t Thomas just temporarily kill all the prison guards, free his people, than resurrect them?


The aliens’ end game is to return home, and to do so they need technology to advance so that they can build something that will allow them to get there.

The aliens’ skills include the ability to get security clearance to work on top secret government projects.

Adam is not Vicky’s biological child, but she will do anything to protect him.

Joan Holloway Harris’s husband will survive Vietnam.

There will be at least seventeen more episodes, since the show was picked up for a full season.

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