Bristol Palin Is ‘Definitely Shocked’ To Still Be ‘Dancing’

'Dancing With the Stars' Bristol Palin (ABC)

'Dancing With the Stars' Bristol Palin (ABC)

The shock of Bristol Palin surviving another ‘Dancing With the Stars‘ elimination round wasn’t just experienced by the studio audience, viewers and critics. The single mom from Alaska, newly turned 20, was quite stunned herself.

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I was definitely shocked and surprised when they said that we were safe. With our low scores and stuff, it’s pretty stressful,” Bristol told reporters backstage after Tuesday night’s results show. “I was scared and nervous going … but I’m thrilled we got through and we’re moving on to another week.”

‘DWTS’ TV Theme Week: Bristol Monkees Around, Len Lays Into Kyle

Not much of Palin’s Monday night performance with Mark Ballas made sense. The Jive was set to ‘The Monkees’ theme song (as part of TV Theme Week), and everyone knows how much the harshest judge of ’em all, Len Goodman, hates props. And week after week, the judges ask Bristol to show more personality. So why on Earth would she and her partner decide to A) clad themselves inside a huge prop, monkey suits and B) serve up a silly routine that didn’t showcase her true personality?

Palin says her thinking was, “What’s gonna make this fun for us? So we decided on the monkey suits, and it made the entire week fun. We both were like, ‘We’re going to get hammered for this, but we’re doing it anyway.'”

Even though the judges gave Palin and Ballas the low score of the night (18 out of 30), their comments were not as biting as they could have (should have?) been. And that was not lost on Bristol either.

“I was just waiting for it. But, yeah, they were nice,” she said. “They saw me trying to bring more personality out there, saw me having fun, so I think that’s why they were as mellow as they could be. I was super surprised; Mark was surprised as well,” she said.

As for stopping dead in her monkey tracks at the onset of the dance, Bristol explained, “I completely forgot what dance moves I had next, and I was so focused on getting the suit off that I was kind of just looking around like, ‘Oh great.’ I finally got it off and got the routine rolling, but it was definitely a big hiccup on my part.”

Looking ahead to next week, Bristol says she’s going to try again to deliver what the judges keep asking for: “I’m really shy and pretty timid and like to keep to myself … so it’s hard for me to get out there and show my personality. But I am fun and happy and upbeat … and hopefully that’ll continue to kind of unpeel and show to everyone out there.”

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As for Florence Henderson getting the hook on Tuesday instead of her, Bristol says, “She was definitely like my best friend on this thing. She was so supportive. I’m going to miss her.”

Are you as shocked as Bristol that she’s lived to dance another week?

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