Jon Stewart: CNN Firing Rick Sanchez Is ‘Absolute Insanity’

'The Daily Show' host Jon Stewart addressed the Rick Sanchez controversy.  (Comedy Central)

'The Daily Show' host Jon Stewart addressed the Rick Sanchez controversy. (Comedy Central)

Jon Stewart brought his special brand of lighthearted insanity to ‘Larry King Live!‘ on Wednesday night when he stopped by to promote his upcoming October 30th Rally to Restore Sanity in Washington, D.C.

And as surprising as it may sound, during his drop-by Stewart also totally disagreed with CNN’s decision to fire Rick Sanchez for his various prejudiced and fiery comments on Jews and calling the ‘Daily Show’ host a bigot.

“Should they [CNN] have fired him for that? No. It’s absolute insanity,” Stewart told King.

“I was not personally hurt [by Sanchez’s words],” Stewart added. “You should hear what people call me when I’m walking home!”

For much of the ‘King’ show, Stewart discussed what his upcoming D.C. rally is all about (well, sorta), his views on the political atmosphere, the differences between Republicans and Democrats, and (surprisingly, coming from him) the admirable qualities of Fox News. Below, the highlights:

President Obama To Appear On Jon Stewart’s ‘Daily Show’

On the rally:
While Stewart admitted that even he wasn’t quite sure what his rally was about, he told King it was not meant to be political but rather, a voice for the vast majority of busy Americans who want to bring some reason back into the country. He described the event as ‘The Daily Show’ in rally form and clarified that it was not an “anti-Glenn Beck rally.”

On NPR’s memo warning staff members not to participate in the rally:
Although Stewart didn’t reveal his true feelings on the matter, he jokingly stated that he “will no longer use their tote bags.”

See What Special Gift Oprah Bestowed On Jon Stewart:

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On the rumor there may not be Port-o-Potties present at the rally:
“We will have toilets…they may not be enclosed. We will either have toilets or we will have shovels,” said the comedian, at which time King suddenly presented Stewart with a Port-o-Potty in the studio.

Beaming with gratitude, he told King he’ll personally make use of his gift.

On what he thinks of Fox News:

As a news organization, Stewart had few kind words for Fox News, but he does think highly of the channel’s political convictions, calling it “brilliantly authoritative” as a political organization.

“People would take well to heed how tenacious they are, how bold they are,” he stated with seriousness. “I think they’re wrong, but I appreciate they’re trying.”

Did you watch Stewart on Larry King last night? What stood out to you the most? Do you plan on going to the rally on October 30th?

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