‘Bones’ Spin-Off: Who Would You Cast In The Lead?

'Bones' Carla Gallo, John Francis Daley, David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel (Fox)

'Bones' Carla Gallo, John Francis Daley, David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel (Fox)

This winter, Fox’s ‘Bones‘ hopes to plant the seed for a possible spin-off.

Pending the casting of a strong enough guest star, the series’ December 6 episode will introduce Walter Sherman, a character described by Deadline as “an  eccentric, obstreperous and amusing reclusive man in his late 20s-30s with highly sought after abilities to find anything.”

Sherman’s calling card is his penchant for asking “offensive, seemingly irrelevant questions which oddly enough turn out to be extremely relevant” – à la a certain Detective Columbo, perhaps?

The character is based on the protagonist in “The Locator” series of novels by Richard Greener – akin to how ‘Bones’ itself was inspired by the crime novels penned by forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs.

As introduced in the December ‘Bones’ episode, Walter is a former MP who knows (and is not especially liked by) Booth, and who fascinated Brennan.

It can be noted that Fox’s ‘House’ attempted a similar “planted spin-off” with the character of Lucas Douglas (played by Michael Weston), a P.I. sometimes employed by House and who soon became a love interest for Cuddy. That offshoot series, however, never gained traction.

Series such as ‘Criminal Minds’ and ‘NCIS,’ however, have enjoyed more success with the planted spin-off practice.

This is where you “plant” your casting suggestions to play the enigmatic Walter Sherman. Which late 20s/early 30s actor has been MIA from the TV scene that you’d love to see come back? Hit the Comments!

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