Brooke Shields, Victoria Justice in Hair-Raising ‘Werewolf’ Movie

Victoria Justice in Nickelodeon's 'The Boy Who Cried Werewolf' (AP Photo/Nickelodeon, Michael Courtney)

Victoria Justice in Nickelodeon's 'The Boy Who Cried Werewolf' (AP Photo/Nickelodeon, Michael Courtney)

BY: Lynn Elber

LOS ANGELES – Brooke Shields and Victoria Justice do an about-face in ‘The Boy Who Cried Werewolf,’ with Shields playing a homely caretaker and her teenage co-star as the TV movie’s title monster.

Neither actress balked at hiding her beauty under makeup and facial hair for the Nickelodeon comedy-thriller debuting 8 p.m. EDT Saturday.

“I was the one who pushed for her to have a little mustache,” Shields said of her character, the stern Madame Varcolac. “She has her good points, but I wouldn’t call her a glamour girl.”

Justice, whose Nickelodeon resume includes the series ‘Victorious‘ and ‘Zoey 101,’ said she usually feels dazzling after being polished for the screen.

“This movie, I would come out of the hair and makeup chair absolutely appalling,” looking like a “crazy, savage beast creature,” she said. “People didn’t know it was me.”

It was, the 17-year-old Justice added, “really cool.”

Before reading the script, she was concerned that a werewolf movie might be “cheesy.”

But she was won over by the lighthearted tale and her character, Jordan.

“She’s a normal girl in school, not necessarily an outcast but she doesn’t have a lot of confidence. It’s very relatable for girls going through middle school,” the actress said.

When Jordan is transformed after stepping on a vial of werewolf blood, she gains confidence and even finds romance as she tries to reverse the curse. Justice said the story “has a really great message.”

Watch Jordan’s First Horrifying Discovery That Something … Is Different

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So does her famous co-star, she said.

Shields is “still down to Earth and very professional,” Justice said. “She hasn’t let the fame and hype go to her head. I learned a lot from watching her and how she carries herself. She’s a great woman, really family oriented.”

Shields, 45, a wife and mother of two who has had a varied career, was starring on stage with Raul Esparza in “Leap of Faith” in Los Angeles. The musical was to end its run this week.

She and Justice share common ground, both having started very young — Shields in modeling, Justice in acting. Shields said she was surprised that the teenager was familiar with her work (Justice, a fan of Shields in “Blue Lagoon,” confessed to being a “little star-struck” when they met).

Shields was impressed by Justice, whom she called hardworking and “pretty tough, and I mean in the best sense of the word.”

Although she shuns preaching, especially to a young actress growing up in a different era, Shields said she did share her perspective with Justice.

“I was able to tell her the things that were important to me and the way in which I became more grounded in an industry which is truly the antithesis of that,” Shields said. “I stress education and I stress family.”

Brooke Shields Takes a Creepy Turn as Madame Varcolac

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