Jennifer Aniston Going Topless for Judd Apatow?

This may be a case of people getting way too excited over nothing, but some people are hyped up at the notion that Jennifer Aniston signing on to Judd Apatow’s film Wanderlust means she’s going to be doing something she’s never done before – going topless and busting out the full frontal on screen.

The film stars Aniston and Paul Rudd as a married couple who move away from Manhattan and get sidetracked into living on a hippie commune for a while. Apparently, the script calls for Aniston’s character to get wild in many ways – even “buck wild” with the men and women who populate the commune, but the kicker is supposed to come during a protest against the building of a Wal-Mart, wherein the script apparently reads “Linda RUNS into the one already shoveled hole, RIPS OFF HER SHIRT, and stands TOPLESS in front of the bulldozer.”

Of course, it could easily be shot from behind and make that particular prurient anticipation moot, but truth be told, Aniston could stand to do something unexpected after her run of middling rom-coms. Maybe at age 41 she’s ready to break all the taboos and take things to the next level. Then again, Aniston is no stranger to doing some dirty things on camera, as you can see in what is perhaps the best performance of her career in the 2002 indie drama The Good Girl. In that flm, she’s cheating on John C. Reilly with Jake Gyllenhaal, and then with Tim Blake Nelson just so he won’t tell Reilly about Gyllenhaal. It’s something to see.

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