‘Gossip’ Girl Taylor Momsen, 17, Flashes Concert Crowd

Taylor Momsen performs at Don Hill's in NYC on Oct. 21 (Video c/o HollywoodLife.com)

Taylor Momsen performs at Don Hill's in NYC on Oct. 21 (Video c/o HollywoodLife.com)

The GQ photo shoot featuring three ‘Glee’ stars all in their twenties looks downright chaste compared to what ‘Gossip Girl‘s Taylor Momsen is doing in public on night club stages.

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In the midst of her band Pretty Reckless performing a Thursday night set at Don Hill’s in New York City, the teenage rocker ran her hands up and down her torso, ultimately pulling down her top to expose her practically bare breasts. Only a pair of X’s fashioned from black tape came between the crowd and her fully exposed… Momsens.

Video of the performance can be found at HollywoodLife.com, though I will point out that I sat through multiple listenings to get the above frame-grab and, more critically, spare your ears.

‘Glee’ Star: I Am Sorry If GQ Photos Make You Uncomfortable

Momsen’s latest brazen antic comes on the heels of the release of her Revolver magazine cover, in which she’s wearing… well, I don’t begin to have the words. But she’s also toting a gun. You know what they say about a picture being worth…:

Taylor Momsen's 'Revolver' cover

Taylor Momsen's 'Revolver' cover

Momsen explained her self-described “high-class hooker” sense of style in a recent Spin interview, saying, “I dress for myself. Clearly, it’s provocative, but it makes me feel good. And if the only reason it makes someone uncomfortable is because I’m 17, then that person’s a s–mbag because it shouldn’t matter.”

Allow me to backtrack a bit and ask: High-class?

As for the why of her behavior, she told Spin, cryptically, “I’ve had a lot of bad experiences, and whether that’s from sex or drugs or something else, they are adult experiences that would f–k anyone up.”

What do you make of Momsen’s career strategy? (And who’s mentoring her, ‘7th Heaven’ alum Jessica Biel?) Is she screaming “hardcore rock-n-roller” loud enough?

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