‘DWTS’s Bristol Palin on PETA: ‘Let Them Attack Me’

Bristol Palin Dons a Gorilla Suit on 'DWTS' (Photo: ABC)

Bristol Palin Dons a Gorilla Suit on 'DWTS' (Photo: ABC)

Bristol Palin’s been outspoken about her stance on pro-life and abstinence, but it seems as if she’s pro-fur as well.

Alaska’s most famous daughter guest stars in an upcoming music video for an Alaskan rock band named Static Cycle for a song titled “Inside This World of Mine.” In case you hadn’t heard, Sarah Palin’s little girl plays Mother Nature in the video and sports fur.

“They’re a local band and one of our local radio guys set it up, and I was in Alaska and just shot if for a few hours and came back,” Bristol told us after Monday’s ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ “They’re a rock band. I listen to country so I don’t know much about rock.”

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So how was she chosen for the video? “Well, they’re from Alaska and they needed someone to wear a mink hat and a mink coat, and I went down there and I wore the mink hat and the mink coat.” And, seeing that the Palin family goes moose hunting, it seems the band assumed Bristol wouldn’t have an issue wearing mink as some celebrities might.

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But is Palin worried about the fur flying in the press?

When asked what she thinks PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) would think about her wearing real fur, Palin said, “I’m sure I’ll be hearing from them soon.”

When pressed for her take on the issue, Bristol’s dance partner Mark Ballas jumped in on her defense: “Well, they wanted her to wear it. It wasn’t a personal choice.”

“Yeah,” Bristol interjected, “it wasn’t a personal choice, but it was a costume that I wore for the music video. I had no say in it. And if PETA attacks me, let ’em attack me.”

And, if they do attack you, what will your response be? Mark answered, “They made me wear it.”

“The mink was already dead,” laughed Bristol.

“They put it on me,” Mark laughed back.

Think PETA will find this a laughing matter? Add your thoughts on the issue below.

Bristol Palin Rocks Out on ‘DWTS’

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