Matt Lauer On His Bush Interview and ‘Today Show’ Rumors

Matt Lauer stopped by ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ last night and talked about his upcoming interview with former president George W. Bush, as well as those rumors that Meredith Vieira might be leaving ‘The Today Show.’

“We’ve been corresponding with former president Bush and his people for the better part of a year, and we’re very happy that he chose us,” Lauer said on how he landed the interview. “He did one interview, I think, on the earthquake in Haiti, but he hasn’t talked about some of the major things that went on during his presidency. He’s written a book. It’s a memoir really talking about some of the major decisions he’s made in his life and his political career.”

Leno asked about his rapport with Bush, and Lauer said it’s been hit and miss, depending on the mood. “It can get tense,” he explained. “I did an interview with former president Bush on the fifth anniversary of 9/11 in the Oval Office that got kind of heated, where he was kind of making his point by poking me in the chest a little bit. Hopefully, that won’t happen. It puts you in a tough position. How do you respond to that?”

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As far as ‘The Today Show’ talk, Leno asked if Vieira is planning to leave the show. “I would hope not,” Lauer replied. “I will chain her leg to the desk.”

And the rumor that Katie Couric might return? “I don’t know,” he shrugged, skeptically. “I think that people get bored and they have nothing to talk about. I have a co-host. I love Meredith.”

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