‘The Event’ Recap: To Have Loved… And Lost

'The Event's Ian Anthony Dale with Holland Roden (NBC)

'The Event's Ian Anthony Dale with Holland Roden (NBC)

NBC’s ‘The Event‘ once again managed to pack tons of action sequences into an episode where, in the end, only two things of significance happened.

Sophia (Laura Innes) continued her journey to Thomas (Clifton Collins Jr.) on an empty D.C. Metro train. When Simon (Ian Anthony Dale) warned Thomas that Sophia had been fed a radioactive isotope to track her location, Thomas called Sophia while she was on the train underground (!) to warn her.

Sophia gets off the train at an earlier station, because apparently the FBI didn’t bother to give her a special train that would only get off at the designated stop. They just trusted her.  Sophia continues on to a coffeehouse where Simon doses the communal milk with the isotope. As a result, there are dozens of little red dots on the FBI’s magic tracking board.  When it becomes clear that this chicanery was an inside job and a techie is dispatched to vet each of the field agents, Simon knocks out the snoop, effectively shattering his cover. Or did he?

Sophia finally meets Thomas, some 42 minutes into the episode.  Minutes later, Simon joins them, freaked out about the situation. Thomas tells them not to worry. He apparently has rigged the warehouse they are in to implode, and it’s too late for anyone to stop him.  Soon, everyone in the building sees a strange blue light just before everything comes crashing down, the structure folding into itself and down into a massive cavity.  Simon refuses to join Sophia and Thomas as they escape down a hatch, er hole. (I hope they end up in a room with a guy named Desmond who types a sequence of numbers into a computer every few hours.)

Speaking of allusions to ‘Lost’, Simon flashes back to falling in love with a woman named Violet, circa 1954.  Then, Thomas forced him to leave her without so much as saying goodbye, partly because at some point she would notice her beau does not age.  Decades later, Simon ran into Violet, now an old woman with Alzheimers.  He told her he still loved her.  This was supposed to explain why he finally decided to break away from Thomas during the warehouse implosion, but since we have no idea who Violet was or why they loved each other, it’s not particularly effective.  In any case, the episode ends with Simon either missing or dead in the rubble.

Elsewhere…. After Leila persuades Sean that he actually ought to stay close to the woman he spent weeks trying to find instead of abandoning her, they go to Leila’s house.  There, they find a file of her father’s containing articles about mysterious goings-on in Alaska.  A crazy former journalist named Madeline Jackson sneaks up and trains a gun at them.  Quickly subdued, the journo goes on to spew a bunch of crazy conspiracy theories before revealing that Leila’s dad contacted her because she once blogged about the Alaska prison (aka Inostranka) that he caught a glimpse of it when he landed a plane near-by.  She tells them about the 1944 plane crash, referring to the aliens as EBEs – Extraterrestrial Biological Entities.

* How did Sophia get cell phone reception while she was on the Metro?  Is that a special power?
* Why would the special empty Metro car make all the regular stops so passengers could get on?
* Why did Sophia seem scared of a barking dog? Doe EBEs have a beef with canines?
* Will the coffeehouse patrons suffer ill effects from ingesting a radioactive isotope? And does isotope taste similar to a shot of espresso?
* Why didn’t Sean want Leila to come with him? Did she really think she would be safer alone even thought she had just been kidnapped, or is he trying to ditch her for some other reason?
* Why did Madeline want to steal printouts of articles on her old website?
* How did Sean know how to disarm the crazy journalist?
* What was the strange blue light that everyone saw as the building imploded?
* Will Thomas resurrect all the dead FBI agents?
* Is Simon dead, or did he just teleport himself to another location, like the plane?

* The aliens are definitely not angels.  When Violet asked Simon if he was one, he told her, “I am so far from that.”
* The aliens can procreate with humans 0 or at least believe they can.  (Simon told Violet he wanted to have children with her.)
* The vast conspiracy is after Leila’s father because he was researching the prison in Alaska.

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