Kendra Dismisses Break-Up Rumors: ‘It’s Hilarious’

Kendra Wilkinson’s signature laugh is coming in handy these days. The former ‘Girls Next Door‘ star and current star of her own E! reality show, ‘Kendra,’ has had to flex that funny muscle more than she’d like when it comes to reading about her marriage to NFL star Hank Baskett.

“There’s a lot of press out there and there’s a lot of funny media that says that Hank and I are splitting and I left Hank in the cold,” she told Fancast at a junket for season three of ‘Kendra,’ which premieres Nov. 7. “It’s hilarious. It’s far from the truth. We just laughed when we heard it. When I found out, I called Hank immediately and he just laughed too. He was like, ‘Are you serious?’ We don’t let that stuff get to us. I don’t know where these sources come from.”

The rumors started because Baskett, who was dropped by the Philadelphia Eagles and moved his family four times in four months, found a new home with the Minnesota Vikings while his California wife chose to stay in L.A. with their 10-month-old baby, Hank Jr. The move and dealing with a long-distance relationship will be the crux of season three of the popular show.

“At first, it was hard,” explained Kendra of the move, “but now we’re learning how to deal with it. The first day when we found out he was going to Minnesota that’s when the tears were there. But we made a decision as a family. It was me, Hank, my ma, Hanks’ parents. We decided it was best for Hank Jr.”

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It’s not exactly what Kendra wanted, though. “If I did go to Minnesota that would be selfish on my part because that’s what I do want,” she explained. “But, Hank would have to find a new realtor, new house, new pediatrician, new Mommy and Me class. He’d have to do everything on top of his new job. That was stupid. We decided it was easier if I go to L.A., where baby Hank can enjoy some sun and his relatives. We’ll just be apart for two months.”

To put those break-up rumors to rest further, Kendra says they might try for baby number two as early as this summer. “We talked about it again last night,” she said. “I definitely want one. But I want to focus on baby Hank right now and every single moment of his life. At the same time balancing being a mom and being myself, getting a chance to be myself again, to be that sexy girl again and having some fun every now and then. And that’s what you see on the new season a lot. And after that I’ll go to number two. We’re thinking about trying this July or August.”

‘Kendra’ season three premieres Nov. 7 at 10 p.m. PT/ET on E!

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