New On DVD This Week: Sex And The City 2, Poldark, Elf, Alien Anthology

Sex And The City 2

They’re back! The fun, the fashion, the friendship: ‘Sex and the City 2‘ brings it all back and more as Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Samantha (Kim Cattrall), Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) come together to take another bite out of The Big Apple – and beyond – in a hilarious sequel. What happens after you say “I do?” Life is everything the ladies ever wished it would be, but it wouldn’t be Sex in the City if life didn’t hold a few more surprises. After all, sometimes you just have to get away with the girls. Buy the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack right here.

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A fan favorite on PBS’ Masterpiece Theatre and a must-see for costume drama fans, ‘Poldark’ Series 2 is now available on DVD. The Emmy and BAFTA-nominated miniseries, based on the beloved novels by Winston Graham, tells the story of a gallant English army officer who finds the trials and travails at home every bit as perilous as what he faced in war. Set in 18th century Cornwall, Poldark Series 2 concludes the sensational saga of two rival families caught in a cross of fates and fortune. Hailed as a British Gone with the Wind, the classic miniseries debuted on PBS in May 1977, was featured on “The Best of Masterpiece Theatre” special, and voted one of the 10 most popular shows in the series’ history in a 2007 PBS poll. The DVD 4-volume boxed set includes the last 13 gripping episodes. Buy the Series 2 DVD right here.

CSI: New York

CSI: NY,’ the third incarnation of the ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ franchise and the spin-off of ‘CSI: Miami,’ is a crime drama about forensic investigators who use high-tech science to follow the evidence and solve crimes in The Big Apple. Season 6 storylines include the issue of whether Danny will every walk again, Dr. Sheldon Hawkes moving in with Mac, and Mac getting a new girlfriend. Buy the Season 6 DVD right here.


This holiday season, it is better to give than to receive! Stuff your stockings with the magical comedy ‘Elf,’ available in an Ultimate Collector’s Edition on Blu-ray and DVD. This delightfully heartwarming and hilarious holiday tale has been supersized just in time for gift giving and loaded with fun holiday goodies that will spread holiday cheer and smiles … because smiling is Buddy’s favorite! The Elf Ultimate Collector’s Edition arrives in a collectible holiday tin filled with an Elf CD soundtrack sampler, a festive holiday stocking, gift tags and a magnetic picture frame (perfect for showing off those smiles). This is one Ultimate Collector’s Edition that will jingle everyone’s bells this holiday season! Buy the Ultimate Collector’s Blu-ray right here.

Los Angeles Lakers: 2010 NBA Finals Series

A rivalry renewed and a hotly anticipated rematch two years in the making! Now available is ‘Los Angeles Lakers: 2010 NBA Finals Series,’ the definitive box set that contains all seven games in their entirety with exclusive bonus features that are your all-access pass to both teams on the court and in the locker room. The 2010 NBA Finals exceeded the hype as the Lakers and the Celtics, the two most storied and successful franchises in NBA history, picked up where they left off in 2008 when the Celtics beat the Lakers for the title. The Lakers, led by 2010 Finals MVP Kobe Bryant, took the series to Game 7 and, down by 13 points in the third quarter, came back to repeat as NBA champions in the most-watched NBA game in over a decade. Relive the dramatic setbacks, comebacks, and late-game heroics of the epic series and buy the Blu-ray right here.

Earth And Space

Watch as history and science, earth and space collide in ‘Earth And Space,’ an epic collection of episodes from the premiere seasons of two landmark History series: ‘The Universe’ and ‘How the Earth Was Made.’ Containing all 26 episodes from the first seasons of both series on 6 blu-ray discs, the set also includes the bonus feature-length documentary “Beyond the Big Bang”. A groundbreaking miniseries, The Universe employs cutting-edge CGI and stunning NASA footage to take viewers on an exhilarating voyage through the cosmos. From the farthest reaches of distant galaxies back to the familiar face of our moon, the mysteries of the heavens are brought down to earth. How the Earth Was Made travels the globe to reveal the physical processes that have shaped some of the most familiar locations and geological phenomena in the world. Buy the Season 1 Blu-ray right here.

World War II: 360

It was a war—and a series of military campaigns—like no other. History puts viewers in the middle of the action with ‘World War II 360: Blu-ray’ edition. This set features two revealing programs that use cutting-edge computer graphic animation and the latest technology to bring a 360-degree view of the Second World War. Across five blu-rays and 17+ hours of battle-hardened action, audiences will be swept up in heated conflicts in two HISTORY series seen here in their entirety. In Battle 360°, follow the only carrier to be front and center in every major sea conflict in the Pacific. The USS Enterprise and its men fought saw some of the fiercest multi-front battles ever witnessed in modern combat as they fought off the enemy from the air, the sea, and underwater. Then, travel with Gen. George S. Patton, Jr. as he leads his heroic soldiers in North Africa, in the invasion of Sicily, and in the charge across Europe to defeat Hitler’s Third Reich. Patton 360° weaves a mix of CGI battle scenes, interviews with historians and men who fought under Patton, and commentary by modern-day military experts, offering a dramatic analysis of the brilliant strategy and leadership Patton exemplified as he beat back the Nazi tidal wave in WWII. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Alien Anthology

Sometimes, the scariest things come from within. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment presents one of the most successful and terrifying film franchises of all time with the ‘Alien Anthology,’ now on Blu-ray for the first time ever. All four ‘Alien’ films have been reinvigorated for an intense Blu-ray high-definition viewing experience. The release also marks the debut of MU-TH-UR Mode, a fully interactive companion that takes the extensive materials in the ‘Alien Anthology’ and puts them in the user’s hand – connecting fans to special features on all six discs and instantly providing an index of all available ALIEN content, including over 60 hours of special features and over 12,000 images. For the first time ever, the studio has united the material from every home video release of the ‘Alien’ saga including the 1991/1992 laserdisc releases, the 1999 “Legacy” release and 2003’s groundbreaking ‘Alien Quadrilogy’ release into one complete Blu-ray collection. The set also includes two versions of each film and over four hours of previously unreleased exclusive material such as original screentests of Sigourney Weaver prior to filming the original ‘Alien.’ Buy the Blu-ray set right here.

The Addams Family

Be delightfully miserable with the Addams Family as they take to the road in their Victorian-styled RV for spooktacular cross-country quests only they can conjure in ‘The Addams Family: The Complete Animated Series.’ From Nashville to New Orleans, New Mexico and Hawaii, these peculiar parents – Gomez and Morticia – treat their family to misadventures, including outwitting a band of gold thieves, freeing the animals from New York’s Central Park Zoo and racing a horse in the Kentucky Derby. They even win a piece of the moon and with Uncle Fester’s rocket, the trip will be a blast! You may remember them as “altogether ooky,” but the spirit of this family is contagious! Scream with joy over this 4-Disc, 16-Episode The Addams Family Complete Animated Series Collection and buy it at the

Dog The Bounty Hunter

Watch the most popular hunts, led by the world’s most famous bounty hunter, in this special collection of heart-pounding – and heartfelt – episodes of A&E’s hit real-life series. ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter: The Wild Ride Collection‘ features 45 top-rated episodes from Dog and his posse’s long history on A&E, all on eight DVDs. Also included are Dog The Bounty Hunter: The Wedding, which sees Dog and his common-law wife Beth off to Hawaii for, despite unforeseen tragedy, a wedding like no other; and Dog The Bounty Hunter: The Arrest, an intimate glimpse into the recent misadventures – and incarceration – of the toughest man on television. Buy the Wild Ride megaset right here.

How The Earth Was Made

Experience all 13 episodes of the landmark History series for the first time on Blu-ray with ‘How The Earth Was Made: The Complete Season 1.’ With spectacular on-location footage, evidence from geologists in the field, and clear, dramatic graphics, home audiences will take a rollicking 4.5 million year-long rollercoaster ride and see how immensely powerful, and at times violent, forces of geology have formed our planet. Buy the Season 1 Blu-ray right here.

Poirot: Murder On The Orient Express

Filmed in spectacular high definition, Agatha Christie’s ‘Poirot: Murder on the Orient Express’ is now available on Blu-ray. This sumptuous new adaptation of Christie’s most famous and acclaimed novel features fan-favorite David Suchet as Hercule Poirot – the Belgian sleuth of unsurpassed deductive powers and peerless viewer appeal– as he searches for a killer on a snowbound train. The Blu-ray single includes a behind-the-scenes documentary about the history of the Orient Express, hosted by Suchet. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Michael Feinstein’s American Songbook

‘Michael Feinstein’s American Songbook’ charts the musician’s cross-country quest to find and preserve the rare treasures of classic American music. Viewers accompany Feinstein onstage, backstage and offstage, learn how the American Songbook developed as it did, and join Michael’s often extreme quest to find and preserve the treasures of classic American music – everything from rare sheet music and once-in-a-lifetime recordings to some of the craziest instruments you’ve ever seen. Guest appearances include Broadway and TV star Cheyenne Jackson (’30 Rock’), legendary composer Marvin Hamlisch, ‘40s and ‘50s songstress Margaret Whiting, actor David Hyde Pierce (‘Frazier’), and more.

Slings And Arrows

Universally acclaimed, hit series ‘Slings & Arrows: The Complete Collection‘ is now available on Blu-ray with hours of special features and three all-new episode commentaries with the stars and filmmakers. The Canadian series stars Paul Gross, Don McKellar, Martha Burns, and Mark McKinney with season-long guest stars Rachel McAdams in Season 1, Colm Feore in Season 2, and indie sensation Sarah Polley and renowned Stratford Festival actor William Hutt in one of his last performances in Season 3. Winner of eight Geminis for the first two seasons, Slings & Arrows final season swept the major 2007 awards, winning Best Dramatic Series, Best Lead Actor, Best Lead Actress, Best Writing, and Best Supporting Actor. The 6-disc set features all 18 episodes, plus commentaries, behind-the-scenes featurette and deleted scenes. Dramatizing the backstage trials and tribulations of a Shakespearean theatre troupe, Slings & Arrows features intelligent writing, masterful acting, and a stellar ensemble cast. Paul Gross stars as Geoffrey Tennant, the passionate but unstable artistic director of the New Burbage Theatre Festival. Buy the complete series Blu-ray right here.

Scholastic Treasury Of 100 Storybook Classics 2

100 award-winning and classic children’s stories are faithfully adapted and brought to rich life in ‘The Scholastic Treasury Of 100 Storybook Classics #2,’ a comprehensive 17-DVD collection, the follow-up to the original best-selling treasury. From “Goodnight Moon” and the beloved adventures of Corduroy to Red Riding Hood, this colossal set features nearly 20 hours of quality entertainment which together have won more than 115 awards including the prestigious Caldecott Medal and Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Children’s Video. Packed with celebrity narration from stars such as Zach Braff, Abigail Breslin, Stockard Channing, Mia Farrow, Cyndi Lauper, John Lithgow and many others, this must-have gift set also features Scholastic’s innovative read-along function that highlights words as they are read, supporting early literacy skills. Buy the Treasury Of 100 Storybook Classics #2 set right here.

War Of The Worlds

In 1953, the war began: Martian invaders, bent on the conquest of Earth, destroy human civilization and leave death and panic in their wake in ‘War Of The Worlds.’ If not for our planet’s tiniest bacteria, they would have wiped human existence from the Earth. Captured and quarantined, the aliens’ threats are all but forgotten; their insidious plans lay dormant for decades. But now, freed from captivity, revived and resuscitated, they vow not to repeat their mistakes. And if not for a small band of human resistance fighters, they may yet get the chance to finish what they started… Here, for the first time on DVD, ‘War of the Worlds: The Final Season’ continues the story of alien attack, human defiance, and interplanetary war in this five-disc box set. Let the battle begin. Buy the Final Season DVD right here.

You Don’t Know Jack

You Don’t Know Jack‘ is a fascinating HBO movie that tells the real-life story of Dr. Jack Kevorkian in the 1990s, when he defies Michigan law assisting the suicide of terminally-ill persons. Support comes from his sister, a lab tech, the Hemlock Society president, and a lawyer. The child of survivors of the Armenian genocide interviews applicants: his sister video tapes them. He assembles a device allowing a person to initiate a three-chemical intravenous drip. The local D.A., the governor, and the Legislature respond. In court scenes, Kevorkian is sometimes antic. He’s single-minded about giving dying individuals the right to determine how their lives will end. He wants the Supreme Court to rule. He picks a fight he can’t win: is it hubris or heroism
Buy the DVD right here.

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