‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Weighs In: Did Calzona Make The Right Move?

'Grey's Anatomy's Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw (ABC)

'Grey's Anatomy's Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw (ABC)

The passionate fans of ‘Grey Anatomy‘ couple Callie and Arizona – aka “Calzona” – were put through the wringer this Thursday night when Dr. Robbins revealed that she had been awarded a grant that, while “the opportunity of a lifetime,” would necessitate her moving to Africa.

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In recalling when she first applied for the grant two years ago, Arizona acknowledged, “I was a completely different person… single… but now I have people here – important people which complicated [the decision to accept].”

And yet accept she did.

So for the bulk of this week’s episode, Calzona fans were left to fret: Would this storyline twist – designed in part to accommodate cast member Jessica Capshaw‘s maternity leave – mean Splitsville for the popular pairing? After all, Callie (played by Sara Ramirez) was rather perturbed that her lady love would leave her, even in the name of doing much-needed medical good in bad places.

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The light at the end of that dark tunnel arrived at episode’s end, when it was revealed that Callie elected to join Arizona on the trek to Africa. But in the longterm, will that turn out to have been a wise decision?

“I think it’s right for them in that moment. It’s right for them in that moment,” Capshaw tells Fancast.

“It’s the natural evolution of where they’re headed, but I think that comes with a lot,” the actress forewarns. “I mean, it’s a big decision.”

Though Capshaw admittedly has no idea what lies ahead for Calzona when she returns from maternity leave (she is expected to be completely MIA from the next couple of episodes), she seems to be suggesting that the impulsive decision to stick together could, in some way, ultimately drive the women apart.

“As you all know, what heats up must cool down!” Capshaw says of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ creator Shonda Rhimes style of storytelling. “It’s not for nothing that she has to keep things going up, and then going down. No one tunes in to see domestic bliss!”

If Arizona and Callie hold onto some bliss through this particular hiccup, Capshaw bets that down the road “there will be something that unsettles their world – and then hopefully they come back to each other again.”

Capshaw can next be seen in the Lifetime original movie ‘One Angry Juror,’ airing Monday, Nov. 15, at 9/8c.

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