Watch Now: ‘Community’s Zombie Episode Is Must-See Mania

Only on ‘Community’ can we get an emotional story about how religion helps people’s lives, and then a few weeks later get a full-out crazy zombie plague horror show with an ABBA soundtrack. The result was a season-high rating for the show, and its best since last January.

That’s the genius of this show. It’s an ensemble cast of real characters set on a ridiculous community college campus where absolutely anything can happen, and last night, we got a legitimate infestation of the undead from militarily-diseased taco meat that turned everyone at a Halloween party into zombies. From George Takei’s random narration to Troy’s (Donald Glover) ridiculous reaction to learning he’s become a nerd to that insane cat in the basement, there is so much amazing packed so densely into this episode that some are calling it a series-best.

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Shirley’s (Yvette Nicole Brown) hilariously ambiguous Glenda the Good Witch costume that everyone mistakes for Miss Piggy is a carry over from last year’s Halloween episode, where she dressed as Harry Potter and everyone thought she was Urkel. That ties directly into Chang’s (Ken Jeong) Peggy Fleming costume being constantly mistaken for Michelle Kwan so he could be “The Racist Prover.” And what really happened between those two after that unexpected kiss they shared in the restroom? That’s just rife with comic potential, showing that even in the midst of a crazy over-the-top episode like this, show creator Dan Harmon can still leave you wondering about the characters’ relationship issues.

Other callbacks include Britta’s (Gillian Jacobs) penchant for dressing as cute animals while Jeff (Joel McHale) has too big an ego not to find someway to make his costume handsome – in this case, as handsome as David Beckham. We also got a return appearance from “Doc Potterywood” (Greg Cromer) – aka Jeff’s too-perfect archnemesis from pottery class, and a shout-out to the lesson he learned in that episode. A literal shout-out, that is, when he yelled “Nobody’s special!” in the midst of zombie panic.

Some of the best lines:

* Jeff, after seeing Pierce (Chevy Chase) dressed as Captain Kirk and looking sick: “If you get any more sweaty and puffy, your costume’s going to reach new levels of authenticity.” A dig on ‘S**t My Dad Says’ perhaps? It wouldn’t be the first time for this show.

* Abed (Danny Pudi), noticing approaching zombies: “I’d hate to be the ‘we’ve got company’ guy, but…”

*Jeff, after getting the runaround from 9-1-1: “Flavor Flav was right.”

*Jeff, complaining that the army won’t be there to help for six hours: “Why six hours? Are they hosting the Oscars?”

*Chang’s response: “Damn! And the winner for Best Adapted Oscar Burn… Jeff Winger for ‘Oh, Snap, The Man Who Went There.'”

*Abed: “Troy, make me proud. Be the first black man to get to the end.”

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