Conan O’Brien’s ‘Show Zero’ Is A 5-Minute Goof

Conan O’Brien hyped up a live stream of something he was calling “Show Zero,” which was supposed to be a kind of dry run for the premiere of his new show ‘Conan,’ premiering Monday, November 8. Well, it turned out to be the driest possible run – four minutes and 51 seconds of prank.

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Set up as a continuation of the viewer questions he’s been answering online for the past few weeks, O’Brien said he was answering his most asked query: “Conan, what’s your new show going to be like?” As a response, he said he’d show us by doing an episode live on the internet. “Things on the internet have to be fast, so we’re going to do, right now, something that’s never been done before: the fastest talk show ever.”

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So he got together a makeshift audience in one of the conference rooms of his offices, shoved in a desk and one member of the Basic Cable Band – Jerry Vivino on piccolo – and proceeded to do the barest-of-bones show. It consisted of one monologue joke, Andy Richter plugging Diet Coke, and brief appearances from Jim Parsons (of ‘The Big Bang Theory’), the band Steel Train and… a dancing taco.

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Check out Conan’s “Show Zero,” then get ready for the real deal next week:

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