Survey Reveals What Your Favorite TV Show Says About You

Jane Lynch as 'Glee's Sue Sylvester (Fox)

Jane Lynch as 'Glee's Sue Sylvester (Fox)

We all know that we are what we eat. But are we what we watch? A new study released today by psychographic ad targeter Mindset Media says so.

The study offers insight for marketers on just who is behind the numbers of such shows as ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ ‘Mad Men,’ ‘Glee,’ ‘The Office,’ and others, telling us things like modest people watch ‘Deadliest Catch,’ creative types dig ‘Glee’ (duh!) and altruistic peeps like cooking shows, according to an article today in Advertising Age.

Does your persona match up with your favorite TV show? Let’s take a look…

‘Glee’: If you watch ‘Glee,’ you are most likely to be more open-minded, experimental and creative. Check, check, and check. It also says that the average Gleeks are “people who believe that imagination and intellectual pursuits contribute to a good life, and go out in search of unique and varied experiences,” says Ad Age. Added bonus? Gleeks tend to experience emotions (happy and sad) more intensely than others. So, who should advertise? Evian and Volkswagen Jetta. Watch full episodes of ‘Glee’ here.

‘Mad Men‘: Creative people are 41% more likely to watch ‘Mad Men’ than non-creative people. Well, that is a no brainer. It is a show about the creative art of advertising. But, what’s interesting is they also define creative types as “emotionally sensitive” and “intellectually curious” who lean toward being more of a dreamer than a realist. They also get into viewers’ politics, finding that liberals watch ‘Mad Men’ more than conservatives. A good fit for advertising would be Apple and Audi A6.

‘Dancing with the Stars’: Sorry ABC, but Mindset Media has proved your worst fear true: ‘DWTS’ viewers are just not that cool. Okay, that wasn’t the wording exactly, but what the article did say is pretty much the same. Traditionalists and compliant, yes compliant, people are the key audience here and they define them as “the opposite of the experiential Gleeks, and instead prefer stability and the tried and true. They respect authority and generally have their feet firmly grounded.” Bo-ring! Oh, and while age didn’t come to play here, one of the best advertisers, according to the survey, for this show would be Fiber One. Ouch! Watch full episodes of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ here.

‘The Office’: This one is rich. Viewers of Steve Carell and the gang have superiority complexes. Love it. Yep, people who consider themselves superior to others are 47% more likely to watch ‘The Office.’ These are the alpha dogs of the bunch that brag a lot and like to be in charge. Go figure! Key brands for this show: Starbucks and BMW. Watch full episodes of ‘The Office’ here.

‘Family Guy’: This one’s all about rule-breakers and rebels, which account for 61% while risk-takers account for 50%. Again, nothing too shocking here given the always off-color comedy of this show. It goes on to explain that rebels don’t like authority and “usually won’t hesitate to make their feeling known with anger or sarcasm” and will likely buy Harley-Davidson, states the article. Yes, haters of all kind and biker babes love ‘Family Guy.’ Rock on… Watch full episodes of ‘Family Guy’ here.

‘The Biggest Loser’: This one’s a little surprising. You’d think people who like to watch oversized people struggle to lose weight are possibly sad, overweight people themselves who would rather watch than do. Yeah? No. They are simply realistic, pragmatic, emotionally stable, low-drama peeps, which like tried-and-true brands like Velveeta. I’m sorry, should Velveeta be advertising on a weight loss program? Watch full episodes of ‘The Biggest Loser’ here.

‘Real Housewives of Orange County’: Talk about hitting it right-on! Pugnacious. Yes, pugnacious is the word best used to describe viewers of this show. We’re talking about your aggressive, antagonistic, drama-queen type of person here. Key advertiser for this set? Botox. Yep, they said it, not me.

Do you see yourselves in these descriptions? Can’t wait to read your discussion on it in the comments below!

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