Meet Jake Pavelka’s New Girlfriend

Jake Pavelka and girlfriend Meghan Jones (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Jake Pavelka and girlfriend Meghan Jones (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Do you believe in miracles? Because now we do! Former ‘Bachelor‘ and ‘Dancing With the Stars‘ contestant Jake Pavelka, who is infamously known for having a PR-crap-tas-trophic break-up with Vienna Girardi on national television, has achieved the unthinkable: He has a new beard girlfriend!

Who is this brave girl? Her name is Meghan Jones, and she’s a wedding planner from Dallas.

“She makes me look really good!” Jake told Us Magazine when the two officially came out as an item at the ‘DWTS’ 200th episode soiree in L.A. Monday.

But wait! Before you start making signs like ‘FREE MEGHAN’ and ‘MEGHAN, JUST SAY NO!’, Jake wants everyone to know that he and his Southern babe have “similar personalities.” Whatever could be scarier?

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Although the newly minted couple—who were introduced by one of Jake’s BFFs a couple months ago—live and work thousands of miles away from each other (she in Dallas, he in L.A.), the distance hasn’t been a real issue since Meghan’s fam lives in Orange County.

So what romantic move is next in this week’s episode of ‘Adventures with Notorious Jakey’?

“Travel!” the working actor said. “We’re going to flip a coin in the morning. It’s either going to be Hawaii, Australia, Bali or Bangkok. We’re just going to get up and go somewhere.”

So does this mean the pilot is actually flying again?!

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