Post-Rally, Stewart and Colbert Go Back To Business As Usual

Two days removed from Saturday’s Rally to Restore Sanity, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert went back to work at ‘The Daily Show’ and ‘The Colbert Report,’ respectively, and they were right back to funny business as usual.

Beyond showcasing some funny signs and singing in the ‘Moment of Zen,’ Stewart didn’t make much mention of the rally, although he did kick off the show by thanking everybody involved, and did a bit about having a Lost & Found box from the event, featuring bags of marijuana, $8000 in cash he attributed to Arianna Huffington, and a stack of negative reviews of the show.

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Colbert had a bit more to work with, given the fact that his fear-mongering persona was vanquished at the rally in the face of Stewart’s call for reasonable compassion and calls for scaling back the vitriol. So he opened his show with rainbows and flowers in a Mr. Rogers-style cardigan, calling it ‘Steph Colbert’s Hobby Hovel.’

“From now on, I am devoting my show to my second greatest passion – making decorative bird houses!” Colbert said in a cheerful way, before breaking down and yelling “I can’t do this! F–k it! I know a bet’s a bet, but I cannot believe that fear is really dead!” Then, after a montage of ‘hidden danger’ teases from newscasts just since the rally ended at 3pm on Saturday, he proclaimed that “fear is still alive!”

He also boasted from “official sources in my gut” that the rally’s attendance reached 6 billion people, and reprised the “Greatest Strongest Country In The World” number he performed with Stewart, this time with his own audience singing over a montage of signs and costumes from the event.

Incidentally, both Stewart and Colbert’s montages included a sign that said “We Should Do This More Often.” Perhaps a clue of something else to come? We’ll see.

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