8 Reasons To Watch ‘Hellcats’ ’80s-Themed Episode Tonight

'Hellcats' Marti (Aly Michalka) makes like Madge this Wednesday at 9/8c (The CW)

'Hellcats' Marti (Aly Michalka) makes like Madge this Wednesday at 9/8c (The CW)

This Wednesday on ‘Hellcats‘ (9/8c, on The CW), brace yourself for an acid-washed flashback as the Lancer U. cheer squad celebrates its 25th year on campus with an ’80s-themed party.

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But in addition to assorted tributes to Madonna, MJ and ‘Miami Vice,’ the episode serves up some serious storyline twists and some seriously LOL moments. Here are five reasons why you’ll be crazy for… this episode:

Like A Virgin: Ashley Tisdale is, like, so awesome in a scene where Savannah details how she sees her “first time” with Dan (should it ever come) unfolding. I think she even has a certain – and non-’80s – soundtrack in mind.

Simply Irresistible Sleepover: I got wind of this scene while visiting the ‘Hellcats’ set last month, but it’s even funnier in the finished product. Just imagine the awkwardness that ensues when both Marti (Aly Michalka) and Savannah have their fellas stay over on the same night.

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Vice As Nice: Among the many, many ’80s-themed costumes, few hold a candle to the arresting image of Dan and Lewis (Matt Barr and Robbie Jones) making like Crockett and Tubbs.

Totally Tubular Tunes: Granted, I’m a child of the 1980s (though my looks hopefully betray my age), so I was predisposed to love the smattering of “chestnuts” churned out during this episode. My only quibble: I wish there had been more.

'Hellcats' Sharon Leal has got the beat (The CW)

'Hellcats' Sharon Leal has got the beat (The CW)

Vanessa Go-Gos For It: Sharon Leal shows off some of her Hellcats coach’s mad moves in the cold open’s rehearsal scene, as well as later when she channels Belinda Carlisle by way of Tina Turner.

Everything She Wants: Some of you love to hate Alice, and a few of you simply hate on her. Well, let me say this: This week’s episode is poised to alter your impression of Heather Hemmens‘ bad girl, as she suffers all sorts of injustices at the hand of her meathead boyfriend, Jake.

'Hellcats' Jake and Alice (Ryan Kennedy and Heather Hemmens) (The CW)

'Hellcats' Jake and Alice (Ryan Kennedy and Heather Hemmens) (The CW)

L.A. Law À La Memphis: Amid the revelry and sudsy relationship twists, Marti makes time to do some snooping into a legal case that just might wind up biting her in her toned behind.

Crazy For… Who?: Perhaps having imbibed in a bit too much bubbly – or experiencing a contact high from all the styling mousse in the room – Wanda (Gail O’Grady) reveals a bit too much to Dan about things she seemingly gleaned from peeks at Marti’s old diaries. What… has… she… done?!

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