Is Y&R’s Victor Soapdom’s Worst Father?

Father of the Year

So I am supposed to be rooting for Meggie (Sean Young) to kill Victor (Eric Braeden) and inherit his billions on ‘The Young & The Restless‘ now, right?

After watching him lie to the alleged love of his life Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) that her daughter Victoria (Amelia Heinle) did not want to visit her in rehab then tell Victoria that Nikki did not want to see her because she was responsible for her mother’s relapse, I was ready to kill him myself.

Victor periodically does something that the audience is supposed to find unsympathetic only to theoretically redeem himself a few weeks later through an act of heroism, but I am not sure how he comes back from this one.  Yes, I said the same thing about his bringing Patty to town, and the audience forgave him.   But this has nothing to do with his ongoing hatred of Jack, in which both men are to blame for the rivalry.  This is a man attacking his own family out of pure spite.  He started the war with Victoria when he had her arrested on her wedding day.  He gets extra hypocrisy points for telling Nikki, “She doesn’t give a damn about you. You need me now more than ever, for heaven’s sake. She tried to put me behind bars.” Reality check Victor, because of you Victoria went straight from her wedding to a holding cell.

Victor ostensibly is in love with Nikki.  She is at her most vulnerable. She needs her family to help her regain her sobriety.  If Victor really cared about her, he would not dream of preventing anyone she loves from seeing her.  So when Meggie revealed her not particularly well thought out master plan to Deacon (Sean Kanan): 1. drug Victor so he will agree to marry her, 2. drug him again so he will die from complications related to his heart transplant medication, and 3. Enjoy life as a billionaire, I could not help thinking that Victor’s loved ones might be happier if she succeeded.

Watch this week’s ‘Y&R’ Sneak Peek:

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Surprise! Brenda and Dante’s Secret Involves a Gun

We finally learned Brenda (Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzzo) and Dante’s (Dominic Zamporgna) secret on ‘General Hospital’: when she is around Dante she shoots people in self-defense.

She fatally shot one of the Balkan’s henchmen after rushing into a decoy stakeout where Sam was serving as her own decoy.  Flashbacks revealed that she also shot a man — who appeared to be the man she was on a date with earlier in the sequence and presumably is connected to the Balkan.  Dante hid his body, proving that the ability to bury dead people where the cops won’t find them is genetic.

Brenda: tiny supermodel and sharpshooter.  It’s not a particularly shocking secret, given that baby Emma is the only character on the show who has never picked up a gun.  Unfortunately, Brenda’s response to history repeating itself is not to appreciate the one useful skill that she learned from spending so much time with Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Jason (Steve Burton).  Instead, she opted to have a minor nervous breakdown, confusing the two incidents, blathering on about how she is not supposed to talk about what happened.  Then she had a nightmare.  So, now not only is Brenda’s storyline totally lame, the character has turned into, as Carly put it, “poor, pathetic, tragic Brenda.”  That is not the impulsive, strong character that GH viewers fell in love with. Who wants to watch a hothouse flower who needs a throng of men to protect her?

Then again, one of the few strong women on GH, Robin (Kimberly McCullough), is now being blamed for both not immediately forgiving her husband for cheating on her and for his cheating in the first place.

According to Steve (Scott Reeves), Robin should be totally over being drugged and kidnapped by the woman Patrick (Jason Thompson) slept with, then having to continue to work with her. “I can make an argument that Robin is doing nothing to help you or herself. She’s not trying to forgive. She’s not fighting for your marriage. She’s doing zero to preserve her family. Which, frankly, I find a little troubling. Unless, of course, you’re beating or verbally abusing her.”

What?  I happen to think that Robin and Patrick should stay together, but that’s because I am a viewer.  Robin has every right to find adultery unforgivable or to need to take some time to get past her anger.  Steve, who I have loved up to this point, seems to think that a woman only has the right to leave a man if he abuses her.  He must take issue with every single Port Charles divorce, with the possible exception of women who used to be married to Sonny.  I do not think the scene intended to make any sort of statement, beyond having someone voice support for Patrick, but I once again have to ask, does this show realize that most of its viewers are female?

Soap Stars on Ice

The cast of the upcoming television series ‘Skating With The Stars‘, in which celebrities will attempt to figure skate, was announced on last night’s episode of ‘Dancing With The Stars.’ Two soap actors will be participating:  Rebecca Budig, (‘All My Children’s‘ Greenlee) and Sean Young (‘The Young & The Restless’ Meggie).

Budig is following in the footsteps of numerous ABC soap stars that have appeared on ‘Dancing With The Stars.’  Young appears to be filling the former movie star who has faded into obscurity slot — think Jennifer Grey on this season of ‘Dancing.’

Since I love figure skating almost as much as I love soaps, I am way too excited about this news.  Johnny Weir is going to be a judge! According to People, Budig took skating lessons as a child.  She is small enough to be an actual figure skater.  I am hoping that she proves to be the competitor to beat.  After the lousy year her character has had on AMC, she deserves it.

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