Meghan McCain Disses Palins and Sex Tapes

Jay Leno’s interview style is occasionally uncomfortably touchy and borderline creepy at times when he’s trying to force sex into a conversation. Last night on ‘The Tonight Show,’ though, Meghan McCain is the one who brought it up, but Leno certainly took that opportunity to be a little skeevy in service of a joke.

McCain was pointing out the hypocrisy of right-wing media for defending disgraced pageant contestant Carrie Prejean while being against gay marriage. “I am pro gay marriage,” she said. “I wrote this article a while ago – is it better to have a sex tape a la Carrie Prejean or is it better to be pro gay marriage? Because people like Sean Hannity were defending her. I mean, if I came out with a sex tape, I would have to move to Amsterdam or something – like, life would end.”

Leno jumped right in. “You know, I would watch it, as a fan.” McCain just laughed politely and quietly muttered “Don’t do that.”

McCain also dished out some digs against her father’s former running mate. Of Sarah Palin, she said “it’s just unpresidential to do a reality show,” while noting she believes without a shadow of a doubt that she’ll run for the high office in 2012. “If there’s one thing I know about it, it’s an addiction. Running for president is an addiction and that’s not going away. That girl is running for president.”

She also got on her daughter’s case for revealing that she didn’t vote. “I guess it’s only important to Bristol Palin to vote for ‘Dancing with the Stars,’” she said, sarcastically. “I don’t know. I think a lot of women worked really hard to give us the right to vote, and I think anyone who doesn’t vote – it’s just ridiculous.”

Watch the full Meghan McCain interview on ‘The Tonight Show.’

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