‘Parenthood’ Boss: Despite Poor Ratings, NBC Supports Us

Max Burkholder and Peter Krause on Parenthood. (NBC)

Max Burkholder and Peter Krause on Parenthood. (NBC)

As NBC’s ‘Parenthood’ continues to struggle with lackluster ratings, doom and gloomers – like our friends at knowelty.com – fear the Braverman family could be next in line for the prime-time chopping block.

But don’t panic yet. We went directly to Jason Katims – the show’s top boss – and he tells us: “The network is behind our show. They want our show to work, and I think they are willing to give it time.”

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The ultimate fate of the family drama may not be known until 2011 schedules are revealed next May.

But Katims, who previously maneuvered a five year stay of execution for ‘Friday Night Lights’, says ‘Parenthood’ is “forging ahead and leading up to the end of a season that is going to be as much cliffhanger as resolution (to ongoing storylines).”

“I am moving ahead with the idea that we will come back (next year) and continue doing the show.”

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‘Parenthood’ will be replaced beginning December 7 by holiday-themed episodes of ‘The Biggest Loser’, but will return midseason in its regular Tuesday night timeslot.

Can’t wait to find out what’s in store for the rest of this season? Katims gives us a few teases…

FORBIDDEN ROMANCE: Haddie begins a relationship with her new boss at the food bank [‘Friday Night Lights’ Michael B. Jordan] which leaves her parents at wits end. “The fact that he is black isn’t one of the reasons,” he shares. “He has an alcohol dependency…and that is sort of the thing that puts them over the line.

TURKEY TENSION: Conflict keeps building as Sarah continues to date, and grow closer to, Adam’s new boss [Billy Baldwin]. “That sort of explodes in the Thanksgiving episode,” Katims says. “The Haddie and Alex thing goes to the next level as well.”

GHOSTS OF MARRIAGES PAST: Sarah’s ex-husband returns. “We haven’t met him yet (in fact the role hasn’t been cast),” Katims says. “But he will have a multi-episode arc later in the season.”

WEDDING GLITCHES: Crosby and Jasmine face a major hurdle on the way to the altar. “Everything will get thrown into question,” Katims says. “It is a storyline that will probably continue ‘til the end of the season.”

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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