‘All My Children’ Loses Another Leading Man

Thorsten Kaye (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Thorsten Kaye (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Thorsten Kaye Bids Farewell to Pine Valley

One of ‘All My Children’s‘ biggest stars,  Thorsten Kaye, will be departing the show for the second time. According to Soap Opera Digest, his character, Zach, will be presumed dead after a plane crash.

Yes, AMC is resorting to the old “no body was found,” trick.   Seeing Zach and Kendall (Alicia Minshew) happy and in love has been one of the few entertaining things about the show lately.  However, since Kaye does not want to stay with the show full time, killing Zach is the only way to allow Kendall to move onto another relationship.  I would not buy the two of them breaking up after all of the infidelities, ridiculous storylines, and natural disasters that their relationship has managed to survive.  Apparently the new character Griffin Castillo (Jordi Vilasuso), who will first be seen on November 15, is slated to be Kendall’s eventual new love interest.

This means AMC is going to lose yet another popular leading man.  The show has not been the same since the departures of Adam (David Canary) and  David (Vincent Irizarry).  AMC seems to be banking on Jake (Ricky Paull Goldin) and Ryan (Cameron Mathison) to take up all the slack.

So far, it is not working.  With ‘As The World Turns‘ off the air, ABC’s former flagship show is now the lowest rated soap on television.  This week four of the six soaps tied for second place in the key Women 18-49 demo with a paltry 1.0 rating.  (‘The Young & The Restless‘ was number one, as it always is.) AMC earned an anemic 0.8.   Since it leads off ABC’s soap line-up, it stands to reason that it might be hurting ‘One Life To Live‘ and ‘General Hospital‘ as well.  While fans have been concerned about OLTL’s future, as long as the cheaper to produce soap is beating AMC, it’s possible that AMC might be the soap that is in jeopardy.

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Will NBC’s Support of Older Viewers Help Soaps?

Speaking of ratings, Thursday NBC made a major presentation to advertisers that just might make daytime seem more appealing.

The network is touting the importance of the 55-64 year-old demographic, pointing out that so-called Alpha Baby Boomers make more money than 25 year-olds, and, contrary to popular belief, are heavy users of technology who are willing to try new brands.   They are also trying to persuade Nielsen to break out 55-64 year olds as a demographic in its ratings measurements.  The presentation focuses on older skewing network evening newscasts, but given that every single daytime soap does far better among people over the age of 55 than younger viewers, if NBC succeeds in its quest, soaps might be relieved of some of the pressure of attempting to raise the ratings among younger viewers.

Llanview’s Prisons Are Overcrowded

If nothing else, ‘One Life To Live’s’ Eli (Matt Walton) may go down in soap history as the soap villain who sent the most other characters to prison.   Thanks to his reign of terror, Cole (Brandon Buddy), Hannah (Meghann Fahy), and Greg (Terrell Tilford) all will end up spending decades behind bars.

They’re all guilty; Greg was blackmailed into being his accomplice, Hannah took advantage of his kidnapping spree and snatched Starr (Kristen Alderson) and Hope, while Cole murdered the guy.  That is one efficient way to pare down the cast.   It’s also a fairly depressing way to write off characters.

While I have long considered Cole to be a menace to society, I think the majority of viewers thought of him as a good but flawed guy.  Love them or hate them, he and Starr have been one of the show’s major couples for years.   Now poor little Hope will grow up without a father.  Before this storyline began, Greg was the heroic doctor who gave Matthew the ability to walk again.  Hannah was always crazy but after Eli forced her to falsely confess to one of his crimes and Marty took her under her wing, it seemed like she was poised for a redemption arc.

OLTL did the same thing when it wrote off fan favorite Schuyler (Scott Clifton) by making him abruptly go psycho and shoot Bo.  If I think about him living an episode of ‘Lockup ‘, it makes me sad.  While I appreciate that criminal activity is usually punished in Llanview, if a character is likable I would rather see them written off by moving to another city than by sending them up the river.

‘Skating With The Stars’ Cast: Scared, Praying, & Nervous As Hell

Rebecca Budig Prepares For ‘Skating with the Stars’

‘All My Children’s’ Rebecca Budig spoke to reporters, including one of my Fancast compatriots, about how she is balancing starring as Greenlee on the soap and rehearsing for her upcoming stint on the reality series ‘Skating with The Stars.’

What’s the schedule like?
I’m working 12-hour days [on All my Children] then going to skate for three hours. It’s hard. But I’m doing it because this is like a once in a lifetime opportunity. If I get booted off the second week, first week, whatever, I’ll be happy I did it. We generally skate for three hours then go to the dance studio for an hour so it’s about a four-hour day.

Have you already done a double day?
Yeah. We did [AMC ] at 6 a.m. I got done at 5:30 p.m. and I got to the rink at 6:45 p.m. and skated to 9:30

Cameron Mathison [AMC’s Ryan Lavery] did ‘Dancing with the Stars’ [season 5] and was still front burner… Did he give you any advice?
He said sleep. Sleep whenever you can. Sleep on the floor. Sleep on the bench. Sleep in your dressing room. Sleep when you can. So I’m taking his advice.

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