Kendra Brings Her Sexy Back for Season 3

Kendra Wilkinson (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Kendra Wilkinson (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

A lot has happened with Kendra Wilkinson between season two of her hit E! reality show, ‘Kendra,’ and the upcoming season three.

She’s moved back to Los Angeles and is dealing with a long-distance relationship with hubby Hank Baskett, who moved to Minnesota to play with the Vikings. She’s lost the baby weight and is ready to let her sexy side shine again. And, she’s even taught baby Hank, as she calls him, how to throw a ball.

But what viewers are really going to be tuning in for this season, which kicks off Nov. 7, is to get a glimpse at the status of Kendra and Hank’s marriage, which has been plagued by constant moves and now a separation by miles. “Viewers will see. We’re good,” she told Fancast recently.

“It’s all about balance this season, balancing being a wife, a mother, work, the long distance thing, getting to be sexy again. That’s what the season is all about,” she added.

Let’s see what else season three is all about…

Why stay in L.A. instead of move to Minnesota with Hank?
It was really for baby Hank. We’re here in the sun where baby Hank could go outside. If baby Hank was trapped in a building [in Minnesota] where there was no backyard, no balcony…That’s not the best thing for him. He’s a California boy.

How are you dealing with the long-distance relationship?
Well, technology is definitely working for us. We have our iPod’s FaceTime, Skype, and our phones. And, we make sure we take pictures of everything we do. I’m like a picture-holic. I’m like a picture hoarder. I make sure Hank gets a chance to see every minute of our lives.

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In the first episode we saw a radio DJ, Mancow, tell you that you can’t be sexy and be a mom at the same time. That seemed to really affect you.
Mancow is awesome. I love him.

But he seemed to cross the line. You even left the interview.
Yeah. I just don’t understand why moms have to wear button-up blouses and they have to be stuck in the kitchen to be a good mom. I’m a damn great mom and I’m proud of myself and I’m proud of the baby and I’m proud of how I’m raising the baby. The baby is 10 months, one week, and he already knows how to share. He is so thoughtful. He is the best little baby. I’m so proud of myself.

Preview Season Three:

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What else is baby Hank up to?
He knows how to throw the ball. He babbles, but no full words yet. You’ll see in the show that I’m trying to teach him the word ‘mommy’ and he goes ‘da da!’ And, yeah, he already knows how to throw the ball to the dogs.

Does he have a good arm?

Ah, a daddy’s boy?
No! I’m the one who taught him.

Speaking of being a sexy mom, on the show we’ve seen you struggle with your baby weight. How did you lose it all?
Working out has been tough between moving, shooting the show and doing press for it. Lifting my son and chasing him has become my work out! I also recently picked up a health supplement called Ab Cuts at GNC that has really been helping a lot! It has really helped with the fat in my stomach area and I never really crave sugar anymore.

In this season, we see you getting out a little bit more. Is that hard for you?
Leaving him is okay because I know I’m doing a damn good job. And leaving him for myself one day out of two months, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna have some drinks. I’m gonna have some fun.

Do we see you get to work a bit more too?
Yeah. For sure. There’ stuff coming up that people will be surprised. This season, for me, is about finding balance. That’s the theme of the season, and trying to find myself. I want to be sexy, but do I do Playboy? Is that the answer? That’s what you see me go through. It’s so powerful.

Are any of your ‘Girls Next Door’ family showing up this season again?
I’m gonna go visit Hef this week and that’ll be on the show.

Do you have any plans to be on Bridget Marquardt’s newly announced reality show?
I don’t think so. I think we’re on our own little planet.

Are you working on a follow-up to your memoir, ‘Sliding into Home?’
We’re talking about that right now. It was so hard doing the first book because I answered so many questions about my past life. And now if I write book number two, I’m going to be answering questions about my life now and that’s easier. Going way back and answering questions about the problems that I had to go through throughout life was hard, especially when I’m trying to take care of a baby and stay positive for my son. Maybe the next book will be on balancing life.

The teaser for a future episode makes it look like you’re going into therapy. Are you?
No. No therapy this season. Even though I need it. The teaser is just the teaser.

‘Kendra’ season three premieres Nov. 7 at 10 p.m. PT/ET on E!

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