Users Speak: Why Did ‘Undercovers’ Miss Its Mark?

Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Boris Kodjoe, 'Undercovers' (NBC)

Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Boris Kodjoe, 'Undercovers' (NBC)

It was one of the most hyped new pilots of the fall season. A lighthearted J.J. Abrams-helmed spy drama with two attractive leads — what could possibly go wrong?

After premiering to a paltry (by network standards) 8.6 million viewers, ‘Undercovers‘ continued to decline in ratings week over week. Yesterday NBC gave it the axe.

What was listed as the Cause of Death? A network insider told Deadline the series failed because, “what was meant to be a throwback lark of a show felt trivial to people. It felt flimsy and not compelling, partially because it was designed as a stand alone, non serialized show. Perhaps the stories lacked deeper interest and urgency. We tried to embrace a familiarity of form, but the public obviously didn’t want something so familiar. Unfortunately we never got an audience from the get-go; our abysmal recent rating wasn’t even one point lower than our premiere number. We just should have done better. It is a bummer to be sure. NBC did the best they know how. We feel responsible for the failure, though. But damn, it sure would be easier to blame the network!”

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Our users have their own theories. Hank thinks the show lacked realistic action. “I loved the characters/actors and thought some of it was funny. What I didn’t like were the spying plots. They were convoluted and unrealistic (as far as these types of shows go) and they (the plots) just didn’t hold up in comparison to Chuck or Alias or other good spy shows. Have to admit I will miss looking at those two gorgeous people (even my husband admitted Boris was ‘a beautiful man!’)”

Cindy 3339 believes poor writing is to blame: “…loved the characters and the actors but could not stand the inane banter between the two leads.” RedPoppy agrees: “I can tell you why the show failed to impress. All that silliness that went on when out on an assignment. Bickering, getting one off while waiting for the painting to print out…………oh please. It became obnoxious having to watch and listen to the two of them carrying on. It’s a childish storyline that just fails to impress. If the writers had just cut out the rubbish it might have succeeded.”

BTW thinks instead of digging a grave, NBC should move it to a daughter cable network: “Undercovers is light, breezy, and fluffy; and very like the summer shows on USA. Instead of outright canceling it, NBC should move it USA as part of their summer lineup. They would have to keep it consistent with Covert Affairs…”

Do you agree? Why do you think ‘Undercovers’ didn’t succeed? Are there other shows this season that aren’t living up to the hype?

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