Did Last Night’s ‘Guts’-y ‘Walking Dead’ Gross You Out?

Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead (AMC)

Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead (AMC)

In a week where theatergoers passed out from the gory self-amputation scene in Danny Boyle’s new film ‘127 Hours,’ last night’s episode of ‘The Walking Dead‘ brought us another faint-worthy amputation — this time of the zombie variety.

With hungry ‘Walkers’ lurking outside their door, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his newly discovered survivors must devise an escape plan. The only way to reach safety is to walk among them, and since the zombies can smell their aliveness, they have to imitate the scent of death.

The result is a gruesome scene in which Rick takes an ax to a freshly-killed Walker, hacking the body to pieces, and spreading its (his?) guts all over himself and Glenn (Steven Yeun). Glenn pauses to vomit as the others – and we – look on in horror.

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Robert Kirkman, series executive producer and creator of the original comics, told EW that he hopes viewers didn’t find the scene too disturbing. “I think the violence shown in the show always has its place and it very much makes sense in the context of the story. I hope that it never seems gratuitous, because that’s not the intent.”

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This isn’t the first time AMC has gone for gross.

Season 1 of ‘Breaking Bad‘ featured a particularly grisly scene in which Walter (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse (Aaron Paul) throw a decaying body into a bathtub filled with acid, only to witness the tub collapse – avec corpse – and splatter the floors and walls with innards.

As the show’s title would suggest, ‘True Blood‘ is also a repeat offender. Last season alone brought us Tara (Rutina Wesley) brutally bashing Franklin’s (James Frain) skull (to be followed a few episodes later with Franklin exploding spectacularly all over her after being pegged with a wooden bullet), and King Russell’s (Denis O’Hare) spine-ripping news rant.

And who could ever forget the bowling-ball bag beheading of Joey Pants on ‘The Sopranos?’

But do any of these scenes compare to watching Rick call for “more guts” as he dangles a bloody hand and foot necklace over his shoulders? You tell us.

Is AMC setting new standards for what’s acceptably ghastly? Was Sunday night’s scene one of TV’s grossest moments? What others come to your mind?

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