‘Days Of Our Lives’ Renewed For Two Years; Actors React

Days of Our Lives‘ had great news for its fans on Saturday, at the annual Day of Days fan event at Universal Studios Hollywood.  Executive Producer Ken Corday announced that NBC picked up the soap for another two years.  The new contract guarantees that the show will run through September 2013, with an option to extend the show for a third year.  What a terrific way to celebrate the shows 45th anniversary!

I had the opportunity to speak with numerous cast members.  First up, the DiMera men talked to me about why bad boys have more fun.

James  Scott (E.J. DiMera) on Sami, Shaving His Head, and His Poetic Tattoo

When are Sami and E.J. going to stop doing despicable things to each other then covering them up and explore their chemistry?
It’s not going to happen next week.  It’s not going to happen the week after.  That would be really nice.  They haven’t had [that.]  Right from the beginning, the only reason E.J. was interested in Samantha was to hurt her.  He wanted to hurt her because she was a Brady so I think that it would be really interesting to see what the relationship [would be] when all of the dysfunction has been taken away.  I sort of think there’s a potential for that.  Obviously, what’s airing at the moment E.J’s just about to find out possibly that Samantha did in fact shoot him.  So obviously they have to get through that because I’ve never been shot in the head myself but I would imagine that if I was, I wouldn’t take very kindly to the person who shot me.

There are couples on soaps who have overcome that exact obstacle .
Of course.  I’m not saying it can’t be overcome.  But there’s obviously the possibility that she could be in prison for the rest of her life.  If they can get through that, there is a reason why this couple keeps coming back together and it’s not for the sake of the children.

Watch E.J. Cause a Scene:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Days-of-Our-Lives/97519/1634051743/EJ-s-Scene/embed 580 476]

E.J. and Stefano had a scene where he pointed out that if E.J. had proof that Sami shot him, he could either send her to prison or get her back in his bed.  Does E.J. want Sami back?
No.  I don’t think so.  Not at this time.  I do think there is a future for them.  At this particular point, I don’t think he would… When you’ve been with someone who’s hurt you a tremendous amount,  you don’t generally move back into that same thing.

Why did you decide to shave your head on camera when E.J. was shot?
I [decided] to do that because of the previous story that they had where Hope was the Salem mugger.  She was hitting people over the head and knocking them out.  I thought it was absurd that people had stitches on their head and bandages on their head and a full head of hair.  I thought the storyline was important, the plot point was important.  I thought that it was very important.  As far as I was concerned, if you write that, you’ve got to be prepared to actually do what needs to be done, because otherwise, what is it?  It’s just pantomime.  I don’t know if the story would have worked without it.

You have a Wordsworth quote tattooed on your arm.  What does it say?
It says, ‘Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.’

Why did you choose to have those words inscribed?
I think if you think about the words, you’ll have the answer to that question.

Joseph Mascolo on Stefano’s Revenge Schemes and His Newest Long Lost Child

Stefano has figured out that Sami shot his son.  What is he going to do now?
I’d like to take her like this [mimes grabbing her] and go scrunch.  But I don’t have any idea.  That’s a contention of anger he has with Elvis because he’s stuck on this woman and in her own right she’s a maniac.  The whole idea that someone put bullet in his son makes him crazy.

Is he going to come up with one of his infamous revenge schemes?
Sooner or later he’s going to try.  Usually he succeeds at it because he’s pretty smart.

When is he going to find out that Chad is his son?
That is starting to happen now.  It seems so ridiculous to me that a man like Stefano can make love to a woman in this day and age and [not consider it.]  But on this show a man can shake hands with a woman and she’s pregnant. Anyway, this son comes along and it makes it very interesting.  How he finds out is through actually a conversation with Katherine who knew before and then he starts to figure it out.  The thing that’s made Stefano a good character all these years is that he’s always a step ahead of everybody.  He has another son and they’re all seven feet tall.

What kind of relationship is he going to forge with Chad?
The moment Stefano finds out there is somebody who is part of the family you are automatically connected.  As long as you have his blood in you somewhere than he’s on your side.

He’s also taken Will under his wing.
I thought that was a fascinating, wonderful thing they did because he is Katherine’s grandson and he’s a smart guy.  I loved what they did when they started having [Stefano] bring him into his camp because he was going to use him in an intelligent way.  Now it’s turning around because Chad is a reality.  I think Will is one of the guys that tells him, “You’ve got to be careful.”  And that’s where it starts.

Watch Will’s Warning:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Days-of-Our-Lives/97519/1635345970/Will-s-Warning/embed 580 476]

Is Chad going to move to the DiMera mansion and make it one big happy  family?
It will never be a big, happy  family  but there is a family.  That’s really Stefano’s raison d’etre in life. He’s got an empire.  It’s set up so this family  is taken care of.

Casey Diedrick on Becoming a DiMera

How does Chad react when he learns that he is Stefano DiMera’s long lost son?
He’s been in such a whirlwind over the past few months.  This is like icing on the cake.  Everything’s caving in right now.  Who needs one more thing like this? He finds out he’s got this whole other family.  Of course he’s going to deny it – deny, deny, deny until the very end until the truth actually really comes out.  That’s when he has to decide who he wants to be… It’s a huge impact and I think it’s going to be beneficial to the show.

When did you find out that Chad was going to be a DiMera?
I found out about six months ago.  It’s been slowly, slowly coming out until the way it is now.  We’ve got some really good scenes coming up on Monday.  It’s a really good episode for me.

What is it like working with Joseph Mascolo and James Scott?
Joe Mascolo is a riot.  The way he acts is totally different from the way he is.  He’s hysterical.  He’ll give you things in the take that he didn’t do in the rehearsal.  You’ve just got to role with it.  We’ll smoke cigars after our scenes in the DiMera mansion.  I love it.  He and James Scott are both very intimidating but they’re good people.  James has been helping me out and teaching me the DiMera ways.

What are the DiMera ways?
I only know from what my mother said.  Stay away from them.  They’re bad news.  But I do know that DiMeras love their families.  They’re very family oriented.  They stick together.

Would you like Chad to go to embrace his DiMera heritage and go to the dark side?
I would love that.  Playing the evil character but having that good side to him is such a wonderful thing because you want to hate the character, but then you love him at the same time.  That is a great scenario for my character.

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