Glee’s Jayma Mays Teases A ‘Pretty Shocking’ Twist For Emma

Jayma Mays, 'Glee' (Fox)

Jayma Mays, 'Glee' (Fox)

When last we tuned into Fox’s ‘Glee‘ (Tuesdays at 8/7c), mild-mannered Emma was led by Will to outright writhe on a desk, as she channeled Susan Sarandon’s lusty Janet as part of the show’s ‘Rocky Horror’ tribute. But she collected herself, and returned to dashing Carl-the-dentist’s arms. What is next for the at-times misguided guidance counselor? We got in touch-a touch-a touch-a with Jayma Mays to get the scoop on at least one shocking twist to come

When last we spoke, you expressed your hope to sing “Touch-A Touch-A Touch-A Me” – your ‘Glee’ audition song – in the ‘Rocky Horror’ episode. So I have to ask: Did you know back then?
Are you talking about when we spoke [at the Fox TCA party] on the pier? No, I would not have known by then.

So maybe that video we shot and the resulting Facebook campaign gave them a nudge?
[Laughs] What else can we campaign for? Maybe we should even run for office? We’ve got a winning streak going.

What did you think of the way they ultimately handled it – the context, the staging…?
I really, really enjoyed it. I loved the whole episode. It didn’t feel too homage-y to me. Like, I actually loved the fact that they didn’t end up putting on the show in the end, how it was kind of funny/sad in that respect. It was just a clever way to do a cool Halloween show. I was happy with the whole episode, I have to say.

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I remember us wondering how on earth they would work in “Touch-A Me” with sweet little Emma, but…
They did a good job! And I love the fact that it was in a classroom, with Will (played by Matthew Morrison) kind of provoking her…. They went about it in exactly the right way. It propelled that storyline even farther, and it’s pushed Emma into a different direction…. She stuck to her guns by telling Carl (John Stamos) the truth [about her and Will] and all the rest of it.

Watch Jayma Mays discuss her touch-touch-a touching performance:

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Where do things stand nowadays with Emma and Carl?
I definitely think that they’ve got a bit of a future together. We saw that in the ‘Rocky Horror’ episode, the fact that she was so committed to him to tell him the truth. That says a lot about their relationship. And also at the end, Will even realizes that Carl is helping Emma with her [OCD] issues, making her a better person in that respect. I think we’re going to stick together for a little while.

Gwyneth Paltrow shows up next week as Holly, a substitute glee teacher. What impact might she have on the Will/Emma situation?
How do I answer that question….? I guess that any person that sparks the interest of Will or Emma has an effect on their relationship some way. Sometimes it pushes two people to realize that they like each other more, or it makes you realize there are other people out there.

Might Holly’s arrival make Emma a bit jealous?
It might, it might….

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Puck is back from juvie hall this week. Might he need some guidance counseling from Emma?
[Laughs] He should! I’m sure she’d have some pamphlets ready to go for him. We haven’t had any scenes together yet, though.

Let’s talk about those famous pamphlets: Do you have a favorite?
For the longest time my favorite was “Help! I Think My Mom Is Bipolar!” Now, one of my new favorites is “Wiping: It’s Easy as 1-2-3” – just the fact that that’s a pamphlet in high school! I kind of feel like Emma needs a whole episode to highlight all her pamphlets, because they’re all so funny and clever.

That’s what is so great about when a scene is set in her office – it’s like a little Easter egg hunt.
Yes, there are lots of Easter eggs there! Speaking of that, now that Emma has been working on her OCD and the rest of it, you really have too look for it but you can find in some of the scenes that on her desk she has made a triangle out of her paper clips rather than have them lined up. And pencils will be askew on her desk where they used to be really straight. She’s slowly but surely getting a little messy.

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What else can you reveal about what’s coming up for Emma?
It’s always tricky with these questions, how not to give something away, but… there is definitely something shocking that’s going to happen in Emma’s life. In a couple episodes, there is something that is going to be pretty shocking. But don’t make me say what – they’ll kill me.

What are the current odds that she finishes up Season 2 as a virgin?
[Laughs] I don’t know! I think we might be at 50-50 now.

Well, if it has to be Stamos… there are worse fellas, I suppose.
That’s right. That’s right. But yeah, I think she’s moving closer in that direction.

And do you have any other songs coming up?
As of right now, I don’t know of any. But I should think of one and say it out loud to you, so we can start a new petition! I’m going to go start thinking…

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