Was ’60 Minutes’ Right, Or Elitist, To Question Obama’s ‘View’ Visit?

'The View's Joy Behar, '60 Minutes' Steve Kroft (ABC/CBS)

'The View's Joy Behar, '60 Minutes' Steve Kroft (ABC/CBS)

You can count Joy Behar as being none too pleased with ‘60 Minutes‘ correspondent Steve Kroft questioning President Barack Obama about the appropriateness of appearing on ‘The View’ and other non-news programs.

The morning after the ’60 Minutes’ sit-down aired, Joy lashed out at Kroft, saying, “I think it was rather elitist of [him] to say that it’s demeaning to be on ‘The View.'”

Since the ABC daytime talker she cohosts is targeted to women, Joy argued that Kroft’s POV came off as “a little sexist and… demeaning.”

Kroft’s question about ‘The View’ came at the end of his interview with the President. In narrating a montage of clips of Obama’s recent visits to ‘The View,’ ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,’ ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ and even ‘America’s Most Wanted,’ Kroft said of the appearances, “Some find [them] unpresidential.”

Watch the segment here:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/60-Minutes/97707/1636509943/60-Minutes%2C-11.07.10/embed?skipTo=1493 420 382]

He then raised the subject with the President, presenting the complaint from some that appearing on shows such as ‘The View’ and ‘The Daily Show’ – a Comedy Central program – “trivializes the [presidency].”

The President gave a great answer, indicating that he has a keen understanding of media today. He explained that in this era of fragmented audiences – particularly where TV is concerned – appearing on multiple shows is the only way he can reach various constituencies – women, men, young people, older people, African-Americans and others.

“It used to be [that] a President could call a press conference, the three major networks would come, and he’d talk to them, and you pretty much reached everybody in America,” Obama said. “These days, the closest I can get to that is being on ‘60 Minutes.’ But there are a whole bunch of folks – you know, unwisely on their part – who don’t watch ‘60 Minutes,’ who watch ‘The Daily Show’ or ‘The View.’ And so I’ve got to adapt the presidency to reach as many people as possible in as many settings as possible.”

It was an answer Joy would probably agree with, though she didn’t say as much on ‘The View,’ where she called Kroft “elitist” for a second time. “We are the electorate, we vote for the man,” she countered. “Jon Stewart’s audience is the youth vote, ours is the female vote. This is America. What kind of a remark is that [for Kroft to make]?”

What do you think of a sitting president’s appearances on entertainment-oriented shows? Are you among those who think it’s inappropriate?

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