Next On ‘The Event’: A ‘Big Surprise’ Will Be Revealed, And More!

Laura Innes in The Event (NBC)

Laura Innes in The Event (NBC)

The Event‘ had one of the strongest debuts of any new show this season.  The serialized drama about a massive conspiracy involving aliens and the government has since developed a devoted following, even if it has not become a ‘Lost‘ sized hit.  The previous episode ended with a literal bang as a huge building exploded and lead alien Sophia found herself trapped with her renegade rival, Thomas (Clifton Collins Jr.).  Star Laura Innes, who plays Sophia, and executive producer Evan Katz, revealed in a press conference that the next few episodes will answer a lot of questions and raise the stakes.

Sophia and Thomas will get out of the hole at the end of the last episode, but that’s just the beginning: Innes shares, “Well, the plot thickens – as they say. Episode 7 was the first episode where she got to bust out a little bit, and Evan and the gang gave her a great scene with the character of Thomas, and you start to see her really express her real feelings. It’s fun for her to be out. It’s fun for me to be able to wear different outfits. And then in Episode 9, that just was a fantastic episode for me… because it is very intense and it’s very sort of shocking what she does and what she feels she’s forced to do.”

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Now that she is out of prison, we will see Sophia’s true nature revealed: Says Innes, “I wouldn’t say that she’s becoming more human, but I do think she’s being challenged in ways that are very complicated for her. So I think she is a highly ethical person, but at the end of the day, she has a priority beyond her relationship with any one person, even Thomas, who she has this very intensely close relationship with. And in Episode 7 coming up and then again in Episode 9, that relationship is explored very deeply.” Adds Katz, “There’s two things that are going to happen as this season progresses. One is you’re going to sort of learn who she really is, because you’ve really only seen her – mostly seen her in captivity playing sort of a Nelson Mandela-like role to the President. But the next batch of episodes… you’re going to see her steal. You’re going to see the difficult and sometimes shocking and ugly things a leader has to do… In the next couple of episodes you’re going to learn what her true relationship with Thomas is, what her real priorities are now that she’s out, and a little bit more about the challenges to her leadership.”

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Sophia and Thomas will continue to be at odds: Innes explains, “She’s completely opposed to his methods, because… he’s a terrorist and he wants to harm and abuse innocent people. And, I think that ultimately her first choice would be diplomatic, peaceful resolution to a conflict. Now if that’s not possible, then she’s willing to take the next step, but I think that she will do almost anything to avoid… harming people who are innocent… And as the episodes go on, you begin to learn more about their relationship… It’s very layered. It’s full of contradiction… He’s sort of a damaged character in a way that even though the scenario is this sort of overwrought… outsized situation, it’s a pretty relatable relationship in certain ways. And what she wants has remained the same. We find out more about that specifically in these episodes that come up, Episode 7 and Episode 9 and 10.”

The speculation that the aliens are really time travelers who are more evolved human beings is wrong: Innes jokes,  “Well certainly, we’re more evolved, I would say.  No, I’m kidding.  I don’t know if that’s true. I know what I imagine in my mind, but that has nothing to do with where the show’s headed. And, I just love that people are interested in talking about it and speculating, and we’ve heard every possible scenario about who we are and where we came from. So, it will be discovered by all of us as we go on.” Katz adds, ” I would say there is a surprise – a big surprise coming about who they really are. But, I don’t think anyone’s really hit on it yet, exactly anyway.”

The Event itself will happen at the end of the season: There has been a lot of speculation about when and if the titular Event will happen.  Katz revealed the timeline. “The show’s designed so that every season ends with a big event, so I can say that there’s a tremendously big event at the end of season one.”

There will be more ‘Lost’ style flashbacks focusing on a single character each episode: Katz wants to make sure the show is easy to follow. “I think that you will see more flashbacks that are sort of like that in that they tell a character story in a relatively linear fashion… I think that multiple point flashbacks in more than one story line was frustrating. So, you’ll see this coming week Blake Sterling gets the same treatment that Simon Lee got the last original airing. We’re going to use them really to enhance character, but we’re not religiously slaving to a certain number of flashbacks in every episode in multiple storylines.”

Viewers will see more of Michael Buchanan (Scott Patterson) and Madelaine Jackson (Paula Malcomson): Katz reveals, “You will see more of Scott Patterson in two weeks, and then you will start to see a lot more of Scott Patterson after that. But to tell you any more would be to ruin things. [Paula] comes back in this next episode, and there are a bunch of actors who are quite wonderful who come in and weave in and out of the show based on the storylines we’re exploring. I think she’ll be back, but you know nothing specific is planned right now.”

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